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“The Duet” – A Beautiful Short Film

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Have a look at this playful hand-drawn short film by Glen Keane in dark blue. Keane was the main creative in some of the most famous animated Disney films. Animated and directed entirely by him, DUET tells the story of Mia and Tosh and how their individual paths in life are woven together to create a duo – cute :-). Here you can read more about the realisation of the film. And here is a video about how it was done with “ATAP” (Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group).

Glen Keane - The Duet
An extract from the video (c)

An Incident about Spirituality and Seriousness

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Last week during the meeting with Sri Kumar and the WTT Executive Board, there was a short sequence of conversation which this morning came again to my mind:

I told Sri Kumar that I had several Skype and email exchanges with a doctor who is very much interested in meeting him during Sri Kumar’s tour to Europe. I said, “He is also engaged in the (XX) School and very seriously committed to the spiritual path.”

Sri Kumar replied, “Yes, there are many students of this school very serious with spirituality and I have first to get them away from their seriousness. Without joyfulness, not much can be done on the path.” And he looked at me with his soft, smiling glance.

A day after the talk, Sri Kumar arrived at Spain, Barcelona Airport, 6 June 14 – picture of a friend

Dealing with Organisational Matters and a Leisurely Walk

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Like other organisations, the WTT also has an organisational structure. And since the seat of WTT-Global is in Switzerland and it is an association, we also have an Executive Board and General Assemblies… This sounds much like paper, paragraphs and paraphernalia. That’s true but it also has a fascinating part of contacts and cooperation.

Two days ago, Sri Kumar arrived in Switzerland for the beginning of this year’s tour to Europe. And yesterday we had our Executive Board meeting with him, to review what has been going on during the last year and to prepare the General Assembly – it will be in two weeks in Germany. I love these meetings; they are always a good occasion to observe Sri Kumar how he deals with organisational matters, and in this he has been a great role model for me – leisurely, clear, inspiring and constructive.



We discussed the Annual Report and the topics of the General Assembly. And we spoke about the May Call Day celebrations; I told Sri Kumar of our meeting at the Paracelsus centre. He was very positive about it and proposed that we should do there regular celebrations at the cardinal points of the year, the solstices and equinoxes. I will see with some group members how this can be put into practice.

After the evening meditation all of us went for a little walk at a beautiful way along Lake Lucerne. And the evening ended with a tomato soup + rice dinner with Indian chutney 🙂 before I returned home again.


Cooperation on the lake. In the background you see Hergiswil, where there is the seat of WTT-Global.

A Generation Workshop – A Breeze of Aquarian Wind

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

The children born in the last decades are much more electric and have a faster reaction time -through the influence of Uranus their bodies are becoming lighter and more refined.

Last Saturday I was invited to a “Generation Workshop” (GenerActions) at a regional trade fair in Grenchen. A friend working at, the Swiss child and youth promotion, had invited me for this encounter of different generations: Young persons who have ideas and projects meet experienced people of the elder generation and can tap on their knowledge and experience. A fascinating approach.

The stand of the workshop was in the huge hall of the Swiss Velodrome. Members of three projects and some  experienced adults were there. One project was a magazine called “und” (and), of young and old working together in a “generation tandem” magazine. Another project was about launching a youth parliament in a Swiss canton. And a third one was a web radio.

I joined the two 14 years old boys who are running since 2 years the web radio “WRS1” (Web Radio Switzerland 1) – youngsters for youngsters. With their team of 4 boys Dominic and Noah realise two broadcasts of two hours per week. I was fascinated by their technical knowledge and cleverness. Beside the broadcasting they are actively using different communication channels: website, YouTube, Facebook

I went with them through their website and gave them hints how to optimize the site and the way they are communicating. They were very attentive, taking notes, asking. And while the other workshops were already over we were still sitting together and intensely discussing. There was a breeze of Aquarian wind in the air – I’m sure these young people will bring fresh innovations in the near future. Thank you Dominic and Noah for allowing me to use the photos of you.

The two members of the web radio team

In action


Weaving a Network of Group Relations – The Genesis of the Annual Report of WTT-Global

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Do you like reading reports, annual reports, for example? And if you open one, would you read more than 2 lines?

I think most would answer both questions with a “no”. Clicking a “like” on Facebook is easier and faster than understanding what a report like the Annual Report of WTT-Global is really about.

12 years ago, Sri Kumar told me on two occasions that such an overview of the activities of the movement is very important. And he remarked that it had taken him years to convince the Indian members of its significance so that they started preparing such reports.

I felt the impact Sri Kumar was giving to compose an Annual Report but I didn’t really understand. I had just been called by him into the Executive Board of WTT-Global. For the previous 2 years I had translated the reports – they were more reviews of the tours and activities of Sri Kumar  in different parts of the world. Since I wasn’t touring this could not be my approach. I would collect information about the tours but rather gather reports about what the groups are doing.

Since 12 years, I am now editing the Annual Report of WTT-Global. The first report had 24 pages – short inputs from activities from 31 groups – the last one, published on May Call, has 81 pages – reports from 38 groups and committed individuals, partly very long ones, with insights into a huge variety of activities of service and meditative work; furthermore short insights into Sri Kumar’s tours in the West, the Paracelsus magazine project and the activities of the Executive Board.

The work for the Annual Report – writing, compiling, translating, and editing – turned out to be full of subtle dimensions. It was not only a kind of taking the pulse of the various groups – I can strongly feel the echo of the qualities of the different groups. The seemingly administrative exercise is a fascinating instrument of weaving a network of cordial relations around the globe. You feel a difference whether the contributions are a “copy-paste” of the previous year (“we are just doing the same like in the years before”) or from a group which reflected on their own work, discovered the scope and complexity of what they are doing. You easily forget this in the currents of everyday life. By sitting down to formulate and to translate, to gather photos and inputs from the other group members, you receive new impulses, for re-sharpening the focus and cooperation: When you look at a thing with loving attention, a further unfolding develops.

Last Tuesday, the day I wanted to get the report printed, I received the biggest group input, a very impressive read which I included just before I drove to the copy centre. And two days ago another interesting contribution arrived which I could include only in the soft-copy version – I started gathering the texts in March but it seems it is not so easy for the groups to organize themselves. And some groups didn’t react at all – no problem, all are free to decide what they want to do.

Sri Kumar gave two mottoes for this year’s Annual Report, one for the cover and one as an “Editorial”: “There is no higher purpose than serving the Plan and the Hierarchy.” and “Let us Strive to Beautify the Personality To be Temple, the Solomon’s Temple.” They describe not only two guiding lights of the spiritual path but also of the work the Annual Report is all about: An instrument of alignment and transformation.

>> Read the Annual Report online / Download PDF version




“Giving is the Best Communication”

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Some days ago I got a very well done commercial for a Thai telecom company about true giving. It says somewhere that the spot is made after a true story of Dr Prajak Arunthong. It is a message that though you might forget, acts of good will are not done in vain. Enjoy

True Giving
A screenshot from the video (c)

An Incredible Guidance

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Two days ago I had a fascinating experience of guidance:

At 6.30 am I drove my wife to the railway station in our village. She was going to Geneva airport for a trip to England, to the next course module of her spiritual regression formation.

About half an hour later I got a phone call: My wife just had noticed that she had left her train, flight and bus tickets on her desk – if I could come to Lausanne and be there shortly after 8. I said, that’s impossible, it’s too far, but I’ll immediately start. I took the tickets, the navigation system and hurried down to the car. Soon I was on the highway – early morning rush hour around Berne…

As soon as I was out of the surroundings of the city, I speeded up, always a bit more than allowed. 115 km. – At 8.40 I arrived in front of Lausanne railway station. On the electronic billboard it said that a train was about to leave to Geneva at 8.42 from platform 5.

I did a sprint through the crowd, rushed up to the platform and saw the train still standing. I ran along the wagons. And out of one of the wagons I saw the head of my wife. She felt relieved and laughed when I handed over the tickets – the door closed and the train set off. A matter of only a few seconds.

In the evening we had a Skype call: She told me that when she noticed that she had forgotten the tickets she rang me up with the mobile of a fellow traveller. Then she did the whole rest of the journey a “tracing”, visualising how the tickets would arrive in time. (We had seen a fantastic video documentary about Anna Breytenbach, a South African animal communicator, see the blog-post. There she described how she does animal tracing to find an animal in the wilderness.) My wife asked inwardly the guides and angels for help and felt confidential that the tickets would arrive in time.

At Lausanne, she met a friend with whom she was going to the seminar in England. The lady said that they can’t wait on the train station, because it might get too late going to Geneva by car, there is often heavy traffic. They tried to ring me up but I was on the highway and without my mobile.

So they entered the train. My wife still felt confidential but the circumstances didn’t look like that. They entered the crowded train and decided to remain standing at the entrance. Just before the train started my wife had the impulse to look out of the train. And this was just the moment I came running along the wagons and saw her….

During the ride from Berne to Lausanne, my wife felt so full of confidence that the ticket controller believed her story and didn’t charge her a fine for travelling without ticket.

Lausanne railway station, platform 5 – extract of a pic from Wikipedia

Relaunch of the WTT Website

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Everything once created gets old with the time and needs to be readjusted to new requirements… Within 3 years after the launch of the website in 2005, the first thoughts came to redo the site but there was neither time nor capacity. In 2010 I tried to set up a team to work on a relaunch but it didn’t start to move.

In late summer 2012, I asked a friend from Munich, a software consultant and a spiritual astrologer, if he would like to help redoing the WTT website. He answered, “I must think it over.” A few days later he said, “Yes, I will.” So the technical head for the project was found.

We started planning and discussing. Very quickly he set up a first mockup. And over the next months, he devoted much time to program and migrate the content. Slowly, the site structure and the English content grew. In June 2013 I could present the “work in progress” to the WTT Board of Advisors and to Sri Kumar during a seminar in Spain. It was warmly welcomed.

Around that time, an Indian friend, an engineer living in the States, asked me if I knew something where he could be of help. I answered, “Yes, I know.” So he became the central project assistant.

We now had to set up a team of content managers for the different languages and to further develop the site. Group members from different parts of the world volunteered. We developed a training structure and did lot of online training and team coaching. After two months we realised that the team was too small and we needed more instruments for quality control. So the team was more than doubled. Again training sessions and coaching. We finally were a 15 person team. Luckily, I had lost my job at the beginning of last year, for the amount of work and steering activities grew significantly. It was a great joy. We all felt the spiritual impetus behind.

We did two consultations to key persons of the WTT to include their feedbacks. Mid-December Sri Kumar gave his ok to launch the site. But when we considered the site to be ready, some more feedback and requests for additions came. It was good we had some time for the final “polishing”. It is now going live on January 12, at the Guru Puja celebration in India.

The entire site has been realised by volunteer activities, and no money was spent. For members, the website contains an Intranet section with seminar transcripts, sound material and more. So have a look at the site, if you like.


Flashmob Grocery Store Opera

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

A nice way of creating attention in the public are flashmob performances. I blogged about the Ode to Joy in Sabadell, Spain, and for the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Here is a “shopera” performance in a London grocery store, where one afternoon five secret opera singers disguised as casual shoppers and store staff presented the Italian classic Funiculì, FuniculĂ  in the food aisles. Enjoy this mixture of culture and marketing.

Photo (c) from the video

Touching Strangers

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

A Canadian friend sent me the link to a touching video about “Touching Strangers“:

“Since 2007, photographer Richard Renaldi has worked on a series of photographs for which he asks complete strangers to physically interact while posing together for a portrait. Working on the street with a large format 8-by-10 view camera, Renaldi encounters his subjects in towns and cities all over the United States.

Renaldi’s objective was to introduce an unpredictable variable into a traditional photographic formula, and to create spontaneous and fleeting relationships between complete strangers. The portraits are extremely difficult to make, involving complex negotiations with the participants that push them past comfort levels, into a physical intimacy normally reserved for loved ones or friends. Touching Strangers creates intimate and ephemeral relationships that exist only for the moment of the photograph. The images are beautiful and strange, crossing out of the zones of safe physical intimacy with strangers and into deep emotional landscapes never photographed before.

In Spring 2014, Aperture Foundation will publish Touching Strangers as a photobook, including new photographs from Renaldi’s shoots this summer in Albuquerque, Chicago, New York City, and Southern California.” An interview with Richard Renaldi. Here is another video about his project. You find more about Renaldi’s work on his website or on his blog.



Pics from the video “Touching Strangers”, (c) Richard Renaldi