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Fascinating Experiences with Skype Study Groups

September 30th, 2014

Two months ago, a young friend from Germany asked me if we could study together via Skype the book Spiritual Astrology by Master EK. The Skype study group was a very good experience and we read the book together several times a week. She reads, I explain.

Then my young friend came up with the idea to start another group study, “Music of the Soul“, also by Master EK. I very much love the book and had translated it to German in the early 90s (it is not the published version). I proposed to open the group for other members to join.

So we started an open study group, where we meet every second week on Friday evening, alternating with our little local group. We read the book in English and discuss in German. The book is very thrilling but not so easy for Westerners; friends told me they got lost in it. So reading and explaining in a group makes it much easier.

Then we opened also the study group on “Spiritual Astrology” (in German), and now we meet every Thursday evening to study . Both groups are with members from Switzerland and Germany. Both group studies were very stimulating and encouraging. And the exchange is very enriching. It is much more joyful to study the texts in a group, especially when unclear points are explained. And even though Skype sometimes gives problems with dropouts, it is possible to easily follow along with the books.

When I spoke about these study groups to an Indian friend from the States, he asked if we could also start a study group in English, on Saturdays. I proposed to study “Spiritual Psychology“, also by Master EK and mentioned it to other members from Germany, Spain and the States, and they also said they want to join. After a little pilot meeting last Saturday, we will now launch an English study group:

We will start next Saturday, 4 October. The meetings will be from 8:00 pm Central European Time (UTC + 2 summer time, UTC + 1 winter time) till 9:30 pm. (See here the corresponding time zones).

After I announced it via the WTT mailing list, quickly members from California and Oregon to Mumbai, from Danmark to Spain, and Germany joined. It is a fascinating experiment of the fusion of East and West, with people from very different backgrounds will come together.

I moderate the groups. We begin with a little guided invocation / visualisation. Then we read the text in small steps, sometimes just 1-2 sentences. Afterwards, I summarize and give some explanations, and we discuss questions or other thoughts relating to the text. I wrote a a little guideline with some more details about the group work.

If you would like to join the study group “Spiritual Psychology” (or, in German one of the other groups), let me know. Before starting, I need to include you in the Skype group, and so you have to make Skype contact with me (my Skype-ID is “good-will”, but since there are many who have good will in their names, please search me via: “Circle of Good Will” or send me an e-mail with your Skype ID). For a group mailing list I also need your e-mail address, and best also details about your location (address). Group members proposed to have a list with all the participants names and photos and some background information, so please also share these. I will inform via a mailing list, for example when a session cannot take place.

You don’t need to be a specialist – you just should be willing to participate regularly. It is OK when you stay away 1-2 times because of other obligations (the group also might pause sometimes when I’ll be away) but then you should read yourself the text which the group has read. You need the book “Spiritual Psychology” – either you get it from somewhere or I can send you an electronic version (PDF). You need a place where you can follow the study group in silence, best without external interruptions (in case of interruptions, you can just attend to the situation and join the group again). Furthermore, you need a device (computer, mobile) with Skype and a headset or any other sound system, which does not generate acoustic feedback with the other members.

The evenings of the group meetings, I will call your Skype account, whether you are there or not. We will do the meetings as audio conferences, without video.

Members have asked if each one can share a picture of himself/herself and a short remark about yourself so that it is easier to know who is in the group. So if you send it to me, I will make a document with the details and share it with the group.

If you don’t participate for a couple of times without informing me, I will take you out of the group. You can join again when your life situation allows you to attend regularly.

Sitting at the office table in contact with all over the world

Equinox Celebration at the Paracelsus Center

September 25th, 2014

Last Tuesday, 23 September, there was the Yogic point of autumn equinox, an important time for aligning with the annual ritual of the 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes (read here more about the spiritual impact of this festival). We gathered with a group of 8 persons from Germany and Switzerland near Einsiedeln at the birthplace of Paracelsus, the great initiate and revolutionary of medicine. On the way, a fantastic sunrise already announced an extraordinary day. The air was filled with golden light when we met at the Paracelsus centre.

After preparing the room with a thanksgiving altar, we started with a little candlelight ceremony (in the esoteric understanding, Libra, representing the unfoldment of objectivity or matter, is the midnight of the subjective side of the year) intonating the mantra of Durga. I gave a short introduction into the theme of the equinox and of the symbolism of Durga, the impermeable Mother. Then we did a group study about the deeper meaning of the ritualistic symbolism.

After the lunch prepared by the group, we went for a walk through the beauty of the surrounding nature, followed by coffee and cake and the discussion of some house rules for the use of the rooms, which we had prepared beforehand – and it seemed to be necessary for the center to run smoothly. The group also decided to make a “cleaning festival” for the rooms next year before Easter – two days of a group living with a cleanup of the centre.

We continued with an exercise which I had developed on the basis of the teachings of Master KPK on the directional intelligences of space and the inner planets, followed by a group exchange about some principles of Yoga. The beautiful day ended with a group meditation followed by a water ritual and dinner. On the way home, there was a radiant after-sunset glow in the air, the final of a day full of magic.

Libra – The Upper and the Lower Bird and the Magnetism of Life

September 24th, 2014

With autumn equinox, we just have entered into the month of Libra

In one of the Upanishads there is the story of two birds on the tree of life which are eternal inseparable friends. One bird eats the fruit of the tree; the other rejoices the first one eating. The bird below stands for the personality, which is experiencing the world. The bird above is the soul, which is a witness of the actions of the lower self. Both are eternally united. It is a beautiful representation of Libra, which stands for relationship.

Another symbol of relationship is the magnet. Its two poles create a field which attracts and magnetizes the iron filings.

In this picture I joined the two symbols: The upper bird in radiant white is hovering above and observing the lower bird. The latter is sitting on the ground, looking backwards. It is also white but a little tinged.

In the background you see the two poles of the magnet vertically arranged as two suns spreading their fields of force all around illustrating the poles of the soul and personality. They also represent the trunk of the tree of life with the lines of force as branches and roots.

I drew the lines on a photo of iron filings ordered around a magnet. Spiritual Astrology describes the colour of Libra as crimson-red for the average people living in a cloudy admixture of emotions and love. For a disciple who has developed the etheric lotuses the colour is violet; and when he is established in the thousand petalled lotus the colour is a blend between blue and pure white. You see these colour tones vibrating in the picture.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.

Libra – The Upper and the Lower Bird and the Magnetism of Life
04 June 2014, pencils and photo work

In Search of Tracks and Traces of Albert Sassi, Spiritual Colleague of Master EK

September 19th, 2014

In the foreword of some of his writings, Master EK gives thanks to a man who called forth the books into existence – Albert Sassi. He calls him his “spiritual colleague”. In one of his books, on “Master CVV“, he even describes how he came to know Mr. Sassi and met him for the first time in 1963 in the Blue Mountains, the Nilagiris of South India.

Who is this man who gave the impulse for some of the most profound books of Master EK such as Spiritual Astrology, Spiritual Psychology, and the Book of Rituals? And to whom Master EK also gave a text which seems to be lost – or do you know anything about the whereabouts of “Female Hierarchy”? A few days ago, Sri Kumar wrote to me: “What interests me is the text on Female Hierarchy coming from Master EK. If we can trace and publish it that would be very fulfilling. I am on search for it. It is also mentioned in Spiritual Astrology.” So if you know any traces where a copy of this script might be, please let me know.

In search of tracks and traces, I made some very interesting findings.

In 1989, an old theosophist from a town near Frankfort, Johannes Weder, invited me to his home. He wanted to give me all books I wanted to take from his huge library – he was preparing for his passing. I left with two banana boxes filled with valuable old theosophical books, all the books of Master EK published up to then and six volumes of  the “Lettres d’Albert Sassi”, the correspondence of Mr. Sassi in French on hectographed paper, from 1960 until shortly before his death in March 1971. I went through the manuscripts, read about Sassis spiritual work and his encounters with Master EK – and put the texts back into the banana box.

With Johannes Weder in Rodgau near Frankfort, August 1898. Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

The manuscripts of Albert Sassi

When a week ago I saw the video “Master Mountain – A Retreat into Presence“, a sequence about Albert Sassi suddenly caught my attention. I went into the basement to get the manuscripts of his letters. I paged through all of them and marked everything about Rishi Agastya, the Nilagiris and Master EK. While reading my interest rose, and I started translating the paragraphs. Here is the compilation (PDF) – I added some “goodies”.

Albert Sassi, a print-screen from the video of the WTT group of Bangalore.

Little is to be found about him on the web and it is partly in contradiction to what he wrote in his letters: an eulogy without date published at his retirement, a few biographical remarks, and some lines about him in a biography about Elisabeth Warnon (1915-1997), one of his disciples, with whom he lived in India for several years. There Warnon also speaks about her exchange with Master EK on the Feminine Hierarchy (English version see in my translation). Elisabeth also edited the “Lettres d’Albert Sassi”. The following is taken from these letters.

His birth date remains unclear, it must be end of the 19th century in Italy. At the age of 18, he receives a price as a mechanical and electrical engineer. He makes a stage working with electrical machines and then goes to Brazil, installing in 1913 power and electricity in the state of Sao Paolo. In 1915, during World War 1, he becomes volunteer pilot in Italy, and after a short training he is already a pilot instructor. In 1917, he instructs the first American volunteers: “America doesn’t have neither airplanes nor pilots; they sent 1000 volunteers to France and 400 to Italy.” He instructs them on two different airplanes.

In 1919, he returns to Switzerland “for the work of the Master”, as he writes in 1960, to prepare Geneva for the future League of Nations. From 1939 till 1959, he is a high ranking officer at the Geneva Department of Commerce working for labour rights (until his retirment in 1959), where he served for 30 years, from 1952 he was a professor of Labour Law.

At the same time, he follows an intense spiritual journey, as a very open high dignitary member of the Theosophical Society (TS) in Geneva, a priest of the Liberal Catholic Church founded by theosophists and member of a masonic lodge,the Droit Humain. Directly after his retirement he goes to India, together with Elisabeth Warnon, first to the seat of the TS in Adyar. On 8 January 1960, he writes: “The 18th, we will leave for OOTACAMUND in the Nilagiri Hills, where there are the mountains inhabited by the spiritual Regent of India, the Grand Rishi AGASTYA. The mountain, where he took his refuge, is located at an altitude of 2.000 m.” Later he is in Kalimpong near Darjeeling a the feet of the Himalayas, where he has profound inner experiences.

In 1961, they settle in Kotagiri in the Nilagiris, where Elisabeth bought a property they called “Master’s Garden”, located at the boards of the village. There they follow intense spiritual practices and organise art expositions with spiritual paintings. He is painting himself: “My sleeping-room, the old dining hall, contains the HIMALAYAN LAKE, the portrait of the RISHI AGASTYA, the Himalayan place where the WAISAKH festival takes place, with the Lord Maitreya kneeling down before the great natural monolith.” (22 June 1962 – maybe not referring to his paintings). Sassi is intensely working on the French translation of Esoteric Astrology of Master DK / Alice A. Bailey; later, he organises the publication of the book.

In a letter from 1963, he writes: “Madam R. is living in COONOOR, a terrestrial paradise, which is located vis-à-vis of DROUG, the holy mountain, which for a long time has been inhabited by the spiritual regent of India, the Grand Rishi AGASTYA.”

There is no mention about Master EK in his letters before 1965, but Master EK writes in the booklet on Master CVV about the fascinating encounter in 1963:

“While I was its editor (of the astro-spiritual magazine “Mihira”), I discussed an issue in the magazine. It related to the eight planetary conjunctions that was taking place at that time and its significance vis-a-vis the future of the world. During those days in prayer I noticed a comet as also the purpose of the planetary conjunction. Later I came to know that Master C.V.V. himself indicated the comet to his disciples.

This article of mine was noticed and studied by one Mr. Albert Sassi, a senior member of the Theosophical Society. He came from Madras to Guntur to see me, inspired by the article. He had an Ashram in the Nilagiris (Blue Mountains) where he sought discourses from me on Yoga. In 1963, I stayed in his Ashram for a month. On the first day of my stay in the Ashram he did not allow me into his prayer room. This was on account of the restrictions he had as a member of the Theosophical Society. While he was conducting meditation, I was carrying out the prayer of Master C.V.V. After the day’s activity Mr. Sassi expressed that in meditation he saw a new Master whom he did not know before. He explained the noble and the majestic features of the person whom he saw. He enquired who my Master was and asked me to show his picture. I showed the photograph of Master C.V.V. and Mr. Sassi confirmed that it was he who appeared to him in the meditation. He offered his worship to the Master. Thereafter we prayed and meditated together. During my stay with him Mr. Sassi knew fully the Yoga path of Master C.V.V. All the members of the Ashram joined us in the meditation. Besides teaching Yoga I explained the synthesis of the work carried out by the Masters of Wisdom. Mr. Sassi stated that he was striving to know one more Master apart from the Masters of Wisdom named by the Theosophical Society. He had also distinct information, he stated, that this Master belonged to the Ashram of Sage Agastya and that he lives in the caves of Nilagiris. He further stated that he had this information relating to the Master of Nilagiris from one of the direct disciples of a Master of Wisdom. He proceeded to describe that this Master is the spark on the planet of that Great Light Agastya. I understood in the prayers gradually that this new Master whom Mr. Sassi was referring to was Master C.V.V. Master C.V.V. is the Master of the Aquarian age and the sage Agastya is described in the scriptures as the product of Aquarius of higher cycles.

Next day I revealed to Mr. Sassi my experience in the prayer Mr. Sassi also confirmed through his meditation that the unknown Master working with the Master, of wisdom was none other than Master C. V. V. He took a photograph of the Master C.V.V. and placed it in the centre of the altar of his prayer hall. He made similar adjustments in the shrine rooms of those who followed him in Belgium and France. From that time the prayer of the Master is carried out in those centres of the West.” (From: Master CVV)

At the May Call 2011, Sri Kumar spoke about this encounter between Master EK and Albert Sassi, saying: “There was a theosophical house in the Nilagiris and Master EK was meditating to Master CVV in his own room. Then one day Albert Sassi gave the pictures to Master EK, all that we have and who were not known at these times – of Maria, Jesus, Lord Maitreya… He asked him, ‘Which Master you are praying to?’, and Master EK took out the picture of Master CVV. In the Theosophical Society, they have the pictures of all the Masters but not of the Master of the Nilagiris, and he (Sassi) meditated upon Master CVV and understood that it was the Master of the Nilagiris, and he said to him, ‘We had been waiting for this Master’s picture.’ It is he (Sassi) who gave the full text of invocation to Master EK, it was not given out, only 4 stanzas. That was given to him by Albert Sassi, the whole invocation. He invited Master EK to the west. Master EK knew that he had to go to the West, his program was the spiritual fusion of east and west, and that was what he did.”

In a letter from Brussels, 19 March 1968, Sassi writes:

“You ask me for the fifth strophe of the Great Invocation! As per this subject, I would like to immediately specify a point. The text which I will submit to you in the following has absolutely not OFFICIAL character and does not emerge from any authority in that matter.
At his time, the Tibetan has announced that “When the Coming of the Lord will be near, HE would give the fifth strophe of the Great Invocation. As far as I am concerned, I have simply tried to “guess”, to perceive what could be the content of the 5th strophe. I have tried to let play my intuition and the following text is just the result of this purely personal effort. As far as I am concerned, I like to anticipate the “events” and I like to try to scrutinize the future. After all, did not the Tibetan declare that the Coming of the Lord depends from us, depended from the Call of the humanity!
Here is my text in English:

‘From the Avatar of Synthesis who is to come
Let HIS ENERGY pour down upon all Kingdoms
May He lift up the Earth whole
To the Beauty of the King’ ”

In a letter from Kotagiri, 29 September 1965, Sassi writes the first time about Master EK and the beginnings of Spiritual Astrology:

“Very quickly after having the English text from Krishnamacharya about the Female Hierarchy, the latter has started dictating during nearly a month, an important contribution entitled SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY, of which the text of 322 pages has just arrived with us, very magnificently bound, although it is a work in typewriting – in big format.
In certain chapters of this Oeuvre absolutely unpublished, Krishnamacharya goes very far in the astrological esotericism, especially as far as the discipline related to different Moon phases is concerned. In this aspect, Krishnamacharya goes much farther than the Tibetan in his ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY. And all this is just a beginning.
Indeed, with Krishnamacharya, we could realized here, at Masters’ Garden, an embryo, a prelude, of this FUSION EAST-WEST, which is demanded by the MASTER….

You will be particularly interested to know that Krishnamacharya sees emerging in the future a very close collaboration between FRANCE and INDIA, which has to be build up mutually, through their complementary aspects. And Krishnamacharya likes to define the collaboration in the depths that he has realized with us, like the new Franco-Indian Link, that he constitutes as his new task in this life. This is promising! Because, as I have told you, Krishnamacharya is a fountain of science.”

And some weeks later, he writes in another letter:

“At this moment I prepare the manuscript of Krishnamacharya of 322 pages and the more I go through this extraordinary text, the more my breath is taken by its profoundness. In this extremely compact book, there is material for 3 years of conferences and courses in Europe with a group of selected students. But this is only a beginning, for 6 other books have been announced to us by Krishnamacharya, in addition to a strictly esoteric activity, of which we will speak to you at our return.”

In 1967, Albert Sassi has to return to Europe due to his bad health, and he settles in Belgium.

In a letter from Bandol, 3 November 1968, Sassi gives another invocation, which is also used in groups of the WTT: “Dear Friend, here is the PLANETARY INVOCATION, which you have asked for and which we recite every day:

“With DARJEELING and all the Sons of ASIA,
With TOKYO and all the Japanese Associates,
With LUXOR and all our African Brothers,
With GENEVA and all the citizens of EUROPE and of RUSSIA,
With LONDON and all our British brothers,
With NEW YORK and all our Friends of America,
We bow down in homage and adoration
To the mighty Hierarchy, the inner Government of the world,
And to its very exquisite jewel, the Star of the Sea, the WORLD MOTHER.”

Beginning of 1971, Albert Sassi is back to India. In spite of his bad health, he goes first to the Nilagiris and then visits Master EK in Visakhapatnam:

“We were in haste to visit the community of Krishnamacharya, a spiritual community, which is a model of the kind. Everywhere mutual help. No TITLE for any director. Five homeopathic hospitals and several private schools totally at the costs of the promoters, where the teachers have no salary but offer freely their help. The Father of Krishnamacharya is a Grand Seer, and a grand Saint. He has 73 years. An admirable monograph has been published at the occasion of his anniversary. After six weeks of convalescence, I haven’t yet re-found my forces. We leave, though I am still very weak.”

His last letter he writes from Calcutta, on 24 February 1971, on the way to Katmandu, describing his visit in Visakhapatnam:

“And now we arrive at our Major Experience of our stay in India, with the visit of the group, the team of workers constituted by our Friend, the Dr. Krishnamacharya.
This experience has surpassed our expectation. This is an spiritual event of great importance for the work of the New Age.
I will describe it in detail in a long message, which I will edit at my return. The day of our arrival, the 19th, Krishnamacharya awaited us at the airport. He drove us to a magnificent Indian home of great standing, the apartment of the greatest magnate of the place. The architecture of the Indian house is very beautiful, very artistic. We have been treated as great friends of the family.
The evening in front of 350 men, women and children connected to the United Lodges” of the Indian Theosophical Society, I spoke during 45 minutes and Krishnamacharya has commented in Telugu during 1 ½ h. With the prayers, this was 3 hours of session! Nobody moved! 700 brilliant eyes looking at you, like suns of fire!
Here under these circumstances, you speak always with inspiration. I have had the power to go to the limit. The next day, at 10.30h, I spoke in front of a chosen group. The evening at 6.30 pm, I spoke in the garden. I could transmit the essential ideas of my last exposés.
It is one of the only groups on the planet which, according to my opinion, plays the role of the Fusion East-West as it is understood by the Instructor, with the acceptance of the teaching of MAITREYA, this makes all the difference.
So tomorrow at Katmandu, with the grace of God and if God wants it!
Sincerely yours A. Sassi.”

Seriously sick, he returns from Katmandu to Geneva and does not recover. On 28 March 1971, he passes over to the subtle realms.

In the book “Spiritual Fusion of East and West”, Dr. Parvathi Kumar writes:

“Responding to the call of Albert Sassi, Master E.K. made his first tour to the West in April, 1972. Even by the time Master E.K. responded to the call of Albert Sassi, the latter departed from the physical. Master E.K. therefore, had to work with the followers of faith left behind by Albert Sassi, who were mostly aged.”

The encounter between Albert Sassi and Master EK opened the doors for the unfoldment of the wisdom teachings of the World Teacher Trust in the West.


Albert Sassi: Cartas desde la India

Laniakea – New Concepts of the Immeasurable Heaven

September 17th, 2014

The galaxy of which our solar system is just a tiny part is part of a giant supercluster of galaxies – regions in space, which are densely packed with galaxies. It was difficult for scientists to define where one supercluster ends and another begins. A team based in Hawaii has now developed a new technique for creating maps of the universe according to the flow of galaxies across space. They redefined our home supercluster and named it Laniakea, which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian. So welcome home in mind-blowing infinity. A fascinating video of the international magazine Nature, which reports in its September 2014 issue about these new calculations.

Laniakea – Our home of supercluster of galaxies, from the video, (c) Nature. Click on the picture to see it enlarged.

Another fascinating fact which has not yet arrived in our common understanding: Our solar system is a vortex, and the old heliocentric model of planets rotating around the Sun is just a limited perspective. The solar system is moving through space at 70’000 km/hour, and the Sun is like a comet, dragging the planets in its wake. “Rotation motion” and “vortex motion” are two completely different things. Life is a vortex, not just a rotation. The solar system is part of life. “DJSadhu” has created an impressive animation to illustrate this dynamic movement. The animation is not to scale, otherwise you could not see the solar system, the Sun or any of the planets. DJSadhu has also realised another animation about the Milky Way’s journey through space at a speed of appr. 600 km/s.

Very interesting from a cosmological point of view: A complete revolution of the galaxy takes 226 million years. One precession cycle of the earth through the zodiac takes 25,920 years. Since one revolution takes 226 mln years, this would mean that there are appr. 8692 precessional cycles in one revolution. In this animation there are only 60.

So one galactic year is appr. 225,296,640 years. Now look at the Hindu units of time measurement: a manvantara consists of 71 mahayugas (306,720,000 solar years), a small part of a day of Brahma, whose total age is 100 years.

(c) DJSadhu. Click on the picture to see it enlarged.

Master Mountain – A Retreat into Presence

September 11th, 2014

January last year during a journey to India, I had the good occasion to visit the Nilagiris, the Blue Mountains in South India. I was very much thrilled to be in this sublime presence, where there is the residence of the Grand Rishi Agastya in the subtle spheres. There are a number of posts in the blog about this great Master.

Now the Indian brotherhood of the WTT, especially the group of Bangalore, has launched a project of building a retreat centre in the magnificent surroundings of Kodanadu, with direct view on the Durga Mountain, or Rangaswami Pillar, where there is the centre of the subtle ashram. They just have published a very well done video, “Master Mountain – A Retreat into Presence”. It starts with the following words:

“The Ashram in the Blue Mountains is acclaimed in the Puranas as being equal to all other ashrams on the planet put together. In the theosophical literature, the Nilagiris Ashram of Sage Agastya is referred to as the Ashram of Master Jupiter. Nilagiris is located in the heart centre of the planet. In the words of Master Parvathi Kumar, the Ashram at the Master Mountain at Kodanadu in the Nilagiris is said to be the true headquarters of the work relating to the Aquarian Master.”

The Master Mountain, (c) video Click on the picture to enlarge

The Song of the Butterfly

September 6th, 2014

A beautiful musical improvisation named “The Song of the Butterfly” (2014), inspired by Indian music, from a meeting of the Russian guitar player Estas Tonne and the Hungarian artist Istvan Sky Kék Égto in his Surya Sangíta Asram, together with two other artists. Enjoy!


Speaking and Being Silent

August 31st, 2014

Some days ago, I met some friends. I knew that some of them like to talk extensively, and I asked myself how I wanted to deal with it. I remembered Sri Kumar once telling how Master EK in such situations withdrew inside and kept a mental cut-off until the discoursing was over.

I decided to use the situation for learning and to observe my reactions on the impact of these friends. At least up to a certain degree, and then maybe silently slip away.

In the past, I was impressed and often carried away by articulate persons with a strong mental impregnated with a lot of wisdom concepts and I felt some inferiority. I knew it was a weak point of myself, and with the time I noticed that such eloquence is like a hot air blower. The concepts presented in quick sequences leave no impact; they feel like straw without grains.

The friends were well versed in theosophical thoughts, with a love for power politics and conspiracy theories. As expected, the dialogues were intense. At the beginning, I followed the content. Inwardly, I had to smile noticing that in the presence of someone who is a very strong talker, the less strong ones got silenced, at least for a while. The less talkative persons don’t step in at all.

At the beginning, I followed the content; with the time I became more and more an observer. At some occasions, I slipped away to help the lady of the house in the kitchen.

I noticed that monologic discoursing gets carried away by a gush of ideas. They don’t notice whether their talk is of interest for the others or what they think and particularly, what is being unsaid.

I tried to observe when the talk was saturated by own experiences, and what is “voicing opinions” or “teaching one’s beliefs”. The experience part is much more vivid and impressive. However, I found that a fuelling energy in most sequences was the indignation about manipulations of the power mongers, of big money and pharma, about the machinations against alternative innovative inventors… In a way, the fire is encircling the attention but leaves an empty feeling and disorientation, and it sucks your energy – you get depleted.

Under the surface of such talks, I noticed hidden wounds of the individual biographies which shone forth through small remarks. The fight against “the darkness” is nourished by unresolved business inside. Caroline Myss speaks of “woundology”. The urge to focus on and fight against the outer shadows is resulting from your inner wounds and dark spots. I have intensely experienced it the last years and only come out of it through prolonged meditative and therapeutic work with myself.

One’s own shadows are difficult to notice and understand. My friends are decennies on the spiritual path but the fascination for the “projection play” was still intense. I had experienced myself that it needed profound crises and pain to change the habit of projecting the problems out into the world. Fighting against darkness increases fighting; only increasing the inner light creates a lighted sphere.

I later spoke with my wife how one could help others understand their projections. She said, “The pressure of suffering needs to be high enough. Suffering is easier than learning. Mostly, they don’t want to wake up.” Even many people doing spiritual practices or studying wisdom teachings seem to have great difficulties to realize their own part and predisposition while criticising what they perceive as wrong in others or the society. The yearning for salvation towards a guru, a theology or cosmic interventions is also mostly nourished by a longing that one’s own pain might end.

Sometimes, mindful listening to the other might help and, where possible, guiding the conversation from “talking about the world” to “what does it do to you?”, and recognizing the hidden pain. It is a slow process and best without expectations. When the wounds are cleared, healing can come from the inner.


Virgo – The Mother and the Maturing of the Souls

August 28th, 2014

We are now in the month of Virgo, so here is the picture to the month:

The earthy sign of Virgo symbolizes the slow growth in the “womb of time” through conflicts and crises to reach the light of the soul. When we have gained a pure mind, it can reflect the divine Light. When the Light gets born in the virgin mind, this is called the “birth in Light”. The light of primordial nature is described as the Mother of the World. She penetrates all the seven planes of existence. These planes are said to be the veils of the Mother, and they are also depicted as a rainbow around her head. It says that her eyes transmit the rays of grace uplifting the souls to their pristine nature.

For this picture I used the image of a little statue of the Virgin with a star-filled veil. Around her head you see the colours of a huge rainbow, the planes of creation. In the background I placed two galaxies from the constellation of Virgo, depicting the cosmic eyes of the Virgin.

In the lower sphere I arranged an extract of a group photo and on each person’s face I placed a layer of a sunrise, illustrating the reflection of the divine Light in the human minds. They are the souls maturing in the matter to experience the birth in the Light.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.

10 May 2014, A 5, pencils and photo work

An Excursion to the Stockhorn Mountain

August 25th, 2014

In the mountains you can absorb a lot of subtle energies. A week ago, the Sunday morning started very promising with beautiful sunshine, after days of rain. So we decided to go on a tour to the Stockhorn, a mountain we see from our living room, about 50 km away via highway. And indeed, it was a fantastic day for airing and refilling prana…

Souvenirs came while going up – one day before our eldest son was born in 1990, we had a little walk on this mountain – naively not thinking what could have happened – next day evening, my wife felt the labour pains and we rushed to the hospital… Now we looked at other families with small children and remembered how fast these times go by. Enjoy the pictures.