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“Pleiades” – a Magical Dance Performance by “enra”

April 12th, 2014

“Pleiades” is a fantastic dance performance by “enra“, a Japanese troupe which combines dance, light and music to a multi-dimensional composition. They describe it as “the ultimate fusion of images and live performance”. They are thus manifesting etheric realities on the physical plane. See more about their work on their website. The author and the artists of “Pleiades”.

enra _ pleiades
A picture from the “Pleiades” video by “enra” (c)

An “Unsung Hero”

April 12th, 2014

A touching commercial as a viral video about an “Unsung Hero” (more than 6.6 million views). The “Good Story” by Thai Life Insurance is about good will and selfless sharing without seeking to get attention. Well done!

A pic from the video (c)

The Move: Passing over a Threshold

April 1st, 2014

At the moment, everywhere the buds are exploding and green leaves are springing forth from trees and flowers – spring time. What has been prepared for a long time in the invisible realms becomes visible with the emergence of the beauty of nature, passing over the threshold of manifestation.

A week ago we moved to our new apartment, just at the beginning of spring, with the full swing of the energies of Aries. The preparation has been an intense time, and it was also an experience of manifestation through a sequence of steps, slowly concretizing.

The thought of moving from the old place lingered around in the subtle spheres already a year ago. We told our youngest son that we will move some time in the near future and that he might look for a new place. Very soon he left to live together with some friends. For us, however, the time seemed not to be ripe yet. In September, we thought it might be good to start searching for a new apartment in February and move next spring. But before we started, our landlord told us he wanted to sell the apartment and gave us the notice of termination. We wrote a letter to the subtle realms and described what we need. We started searching but nothing turned up around Christmas time. Mid-February, two weeks after returning from India, we saw the ad for the apartment. Both of us felt, that’s it, and finally we got it.

Preparing the move was a process of further concretisation – and of letting go. Things disappeared in boxes and seemed to vanish into thin air. Then came the move last week with a removal firm, quick, directly after the trip to the group sharing meeting in North Germany… Days of slalom between the boxes in the new apartment followed – searching for the new order. I had to think of the Manu, who at the beginning of this creation brought the seeds of the last one for a new cycle, and things came out again “in due and ancient form” – in various aspects the new apartment looks like the old but many things had to find a new place – a creative amalgamation.

We didn’t have to do much cleaning of the old apartment since it will be totally renewed. When we did the cleaning last Saturday and I went around the now empty rooms with the vacuum cleaner, thoughts came to my mind of how everything had been there just a few days ago and now had disappeared again into the unmanifest. It was like being in a virtual space after manifestation – the ether was still brimming with the old forms. We celebrated the good-bye with a pizza and pasta at an Italian restaurant.

Yesterday my wife went to the handing-over of the apartment to the estate agent who organises the sale. When she had asked him how we should clean the rooms, he wrote an e-mail with formalities about how this handing-over is normally done in Switzerland, ending with the words: “Though it is not normal that an estate agent speaks of angels, we both are guided by them and will bring it to a good end.” We were astonished: He had googled the website of my wife and turned out to be spiritually oriented. It was a nice encounter.

Now the forms in our new apartment have sprouted like the spring flowers on the meadows. And from our balcony we can see into the nearby treetops where fresh leaves are draping some old trees.

A last view into the old garden with the old stone stairs through the flowers

Sunrise seen from the new apartment

The sunrays entering the kitchen…
… and illuminating the tree in front of the backside balcony

View from the office room balcony to the Alps in the background

Group Sharing in the Spirit of Synthesis

March 28th, 2014

At Spring Equinox, from 21st to 23rd of March, a group of 26 group members of WTT from Denmmark, France, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland gathered at the seminar centre “Lichtblick” (Bright Spot) in Hude near Bremen, North Germany for the 5th “CVV Sharing” in the spirit of Synthesis. The motto given by Sri Kumar for this meeting was:

May power be balanced thru sharing.
May ignorance be balanced thru wisdom.
May the West be balanced by the East.
May Peace prevail over prosperity.”

The energy of synthesis was very much present while the program with group activities and contributions by various members unfolded: Meditations, exchanges in the plenary and in small groups about topics such as a selection of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and their relevance for one’s life, Greek mythology and astrology, “Dealing with crises”, “How can the group experience of synthesis be brought into the individual groups and lives?”, sharing how the individuals found into their spiritual paths. There were group exercises of Qi Gong, Mantra chanting, visualisations from Master EKs “Spiritual Astrology” on Aries or of the energies of the double pyramid. For one of the visualisation exercises a beautiful music was used, “Internal Flight” by the Russian guitar player Estas Tonne.

Saturday evening a water ritual was conducted and Sunday at noon the Diamond Network meditation. When we opened our eyes after the Saturday evening prayer, there was outside a great double arc rainbow in glowing colours over the nearby forest – the externalisation of the rainbow bridge to the higher circles.

The seminar place was at a very beautiful place surrounded by meadows and forests. The team of the house gave us a very warm welcome and served a delicious food in a very dedicated manner. Talks and exchanges about future forms of cooperation strengthened the bonds of the hearts, and when we left again all felt deeply enriched by this beautiful experience of group sharing in the spirit synthesis, the CVV energy.












Aries – The Birth of a Butterfly

March 19th, 2014

Tomorrow there is Spring Equinox and the beginning of Aries. Aries opens the astrological year and stands for the birth of spiritual man. It also symbolises the birth-place of an idea, of a spiritual impulse taking to a form.

The butterfly is a symbol of the soul. Just like the caterpillar is totally different from the chrysalis, the butterfly emerging out of it is again a totally different state: its light movements make it difficult to believe that such a being comes forth from the previous states.

In this painting I tried to illustrate the state of transformation we go through on our way to spiritual birth: you see a human head like a cocoon from out of which emerges a being of light with wings like a butterfly. I constructed the head using different layers of a picture of myself fused with a picture of Master CVV. In front of the head you see the merged pictures of an enlarged empty cocoon, a chrysalis with the butterfly still inside, and a butterfly just emerging – pictures of a Plain Tiger from an Indian friend. There is another butterfly in front of the head, like emerging out of it, and other ones are seen flying into the vastness of space.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings.


Dissolution and the Joy of Giving Things Away

March 6th, 2014

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiacal cycle. It sounds the quality of conclusion for a restart, dissolution for a fresh beginning. Pisces prepares the seeds for the coming cycle, and thus it is the subtle commencement, while the tangible commencement is in Aries.

This year, my wife and I experience the Piscean quality of dissolution in a very intense manner: In the final week of Aquarius we applied for a new apartment and got the positive confirmation at the beginning of Pisces. Already beginning of December we had received a termination notice for our old apartment and we started saying good-bye to the place where we had lived the last 3 years. Now, entering Pisces, the preparation for the move are going on – the dissolution starts manifesting:

I went through the book shelves and sorted out (I mentioned it in a previous blog-post): I took the books into my hands and felt inside if there was still some attachment to a book. If no – it came into a box. If yes, I asked myself whether it was an emotional bond and if I would miss it when I gave it away. Again more books came into the box.

In Berne, we have a huge reference library with esoteric and alternative literature, and most of the books went there – I was glad that maybe some interested reader might make good use of the volumes – and our book-shelves became lighter.

The next step was to unburden our basement rooms. A car load went to the waste disposal. But there were things which people might want to use. So I chose a website where you can buy and sell things – or give them away for free. I didn’t want to start selling but give things quickly away. The first test was extremely fast: Hardly had I published my old guitar that the telephone rang- a lady in broken German asked if she could get it. I said yes and tried to describe how she can reach our house – she lived 50 km away. Since she didn’t understand well my explanations I told her to send me an e-mail. She asked if I can reserve the guitar for her; I said yes.

An e-mail arrived – “How can I get the guitar and where are you living?” I sent the detailed description, and shortly afterwards the answer came that she is coming Saturday evening.

Saturday evening, the phone rang – she was nearby but didn’t find the house – it’s a bit back from the street. I saw her car but she didn’t see me. So I went out with the guitar. An African lady and her daughter came out of the car. The eyes of the child shone about the guitar and the lady gave me an invitation to their market shop where they sell African and Indian products and do Afro haircuts, I would get 50% off – not just what I wanted.

Two days later, my wife got a phone call: A lady in broken German – switching then to English -  told her that she wanted to get the guitar which I had promised her. The guitar was away – but who was the lady? It turned out that the first one only phoned and didn’t send an e-mail and that the e-mails were from another lady…

The other things went away with great speed and without mix-ups – especially a jigsaw – there were more than 10 requests – mostly after I had switched off the online ad, a few minutes after I had posted it. The lucky person came from a town about 40 km away… I wondered if he calculated the gas costs…

Others, when they came and saw what we wanted to give or throw away were happy to take more things – and we were happy to give them away:  my old easel, book shelves, picture frames, household articles, children comic books and games… It was a good experience to see the things disappear, hopefully finding a new phase of their lives.

The only object I wanted to sell was a string trimmer, less then 3 years old. I didn’t put a high price – but no reaction came during the last days. Today I reduced the price – I wonder if someone reacts. I’m sure, if I gave it for free there would be a dozen phone calls. But I’m determined to sell it, at least this one! Or keep it, if no-one is interested. In 2.5 weeks we will move to the new apartment…

An empty bookcase – just one book left for our study circle, the rest is already in boxes.





An Air of Spring

February 23rd, 2014

Today started with a cloudy sky but soon the sun cleared the way and we had a warm day with a soft golden light. I made a walk near Biglen, one of my favorite places in the nearby surroundings. During the walk, you have a fantastic panorama towards different directions.

A typical Bernese farm house


Ideal for a panorama bath…

View of Biglen

Pigs in the mud – curious but not much interested in the beautiful scenery

A living room with sky view


Way up

The Bernes Alps – Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau

Passage between winter ans spring


A snowdrop on the wayside

A Swiss bank – without money

A fantastic swing



A farmhouse garden

Curious friends


A beech besides a farmhouse

Enjoying the sun

Observing the visitor – and freezing, freshly shorn, without their wool

Spring messengers

Clay birds

Way into the sun

An Incredible Guidance

February 21st, 2014

Two days ago I had a fascinating experience of guidance:

At 6.30 am I drove my wife to the railway station in our village. She was going to Geneva airport for a trip to England, to the next course module of her spiritual regression formation.

About half an hour later I got a phone call: My wife just had noticed that she had left her train, flight and bus tickets on her desk – if I could come to Lausanne and be there shortly after 8. I said, that’s impossible, it’s too far, but I’ll immediately start. I took the tickets, the navigation system and hurried down to the car. Soon I was on the highway – early morning rush hour around Berne…

As soon as I was out of the surroundings of the city, I speeded up, always a bit more than allowed. 115 km. – At 8.40 I arrived in front of Lausanne railway station. On the electronic billboard it said that a train was about to leave to Geneva at 8.42 from platform 5.

I did a sprint through the crowd, rushed up to the platform and saw the train still standing. I ran along the wagons. And out of one of the wagons I saw the head of my wife. She felt relieved and laughed when I handed over the tickets – the door closed and the train set off. A matter of only a few seconds.

In the evening we had a Skype call: She told me that when she noticed that she had forgotten the tickets she rang me up with the mobile of a fellow traveller. Then she did the whole rest of the journey a “tracing”, visualising how the tickets would arrive in time. (We had seen a fantastic video documentary about Anna Breytenbach, a South African animal communicator, see the blog-post. There she described how she does animal tracing to find an animal in the wilderness.) My wife asked inwardly the guides and angels for help and felt confidential that the tickets would arrive in time.

At Lausanne, she met a friend with whom she was going to the seminar in England. The lady said that they can’t wait on the train station, because it might get too late going to Geneva by car, there is often heavy traffic. They tried to ring me up but I was on the highway and without my mobile.

So they entered the train. My wife still felt confidential but the circumstances didn’t look like that. They entered the crowded train and decided to remain standing at the entrance. Just before the train started my wife had the impulse to look out of the train. And this was just the moment I came running along the wagons and saw her….

During the ride from Berne to Lausanne, my wife felt so full of confidence that the ticket controller believed her story and didn’t charge her a fine for travelling without ticket.

Lausanne railway station, platform 5 – extract of a pic from Wikipedia

Peeping into an Alchemist’s Workshop

February 19th, 2014

Last week I got an e-mail from an unknown couple living in the surroundings of Berne asking about the group activities we do with the Circle of Good Will. With the links in their e-mail, I saw that they were doing a lot of things, among others they are running a medieval laboratory and are doing alchemical work. They invited us for a visit and I thought, that sounds interesting. Besides, I am sorting out books which I don’t need any more and wanted to give away my Paracelsus books, and that seemed a good occasion.

They are living on a small farm in the countryside next to a place where I had been working 20 years ago. In the courtyard, there was a tent – they are going on medieval fairs presenting their activities and product. A cordial welcome, long talks – and then they showed us the medieval laboratory: They had renovated the basement and created in the vaults a meeting space and a laboratory for the alchemical work.


Now the room was lighted by electric bulbs but they were also using torches.

At first, I found it a bit amusing to thus “relive” times which have long passed. Of course there is a number of people playing medieval times, arranging market-places, tournaments, music festivals and the like. But here was something more. Morpheo, as he called himself, described how when doing his alchemical work is entering into some trance-like state where he is like in another dimension and in contact with a teacher who answers his questions and guides him in his work. He is preparing essences from trees, ointments and preparations which seem to have special effects. Though I didn’t try, there was a very special ambiance.

A corner of the alchemical laboratory

They are collecting herbs in the surroundings and cultivating some in a glasshouse. He is preparing himself the alcohol for the tinctures and has an intuitive approach to the work. I felt it to be true when he explained that he is tapping at knowledge from previous incarnations which often seems to be more than what is present in today’s awareness.



Morpheo was very happy about the collected writings of Paracelsus and other books that I gave him – and I was happy that I found someone to whom I could pass them on.

Pisces – Ascension, the Light of the Higher Bridge

February 19th, 2014

The signs of the zodiac have their correspondences in the body. Pisces is not only associated with the feet but also with the area above the head, with the pineal gland and the pituitary body. When the higher consciousness awakens, a light starts to manifest between these two glands and gives rise to an ascension via this higher bridge of light beyond the limitations of the body. Pisces represents the ascent of man into God; it is therefore also called the sign of completion, of the meeting of the “alpha and omega” of creation.

For this picture I used a picture of Jesus and of the transfiguration of the Christ, from a painting of Fra Angelico (1442). I transformed this painting and fused the face of the Christ with a picture of Maitreya. I arranged two photos of sunrises on the front of the image of Jesus, thus generating the view of the radiant etheric centres. I increased the intensity of the eyes which are observing the observer and created a fusion of the subjective and the objective spheres.

For the upper background, I warped a photo of waves rolling onto a beach, producing the impression of the vastness of the etheric ocean of space associated with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. And the colour of the sign is that of the pure sky in bright daylight. I further worked on the head centre in the middle of which you see the blessing figure of Christ.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings.

28 October 2013, pencils and photo work