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Visualisation of World-Wide Air Traffic – Sign of the Aquarian Age.

October 13th, 2015

If anybody doubts that the Aquarian Age is an age of conquest of air and space have a look at the video below visualising the world-wide air traffic of one day done by the Zurich School of Applied Sciences. I blogged about their flight radar map 3 years ago. You can also look at the PlaneFinder showing real time all airplanes flying at a moment.

Awe-inspiring what a great human, technological and logistical effort is behind these pictures.

The European Space Agency ESA has now mapped signals has picked up from Proba-V satellite upwards of 25 million positions from more than 15 000 separate aircraft. They contain flight information such as speed, position and altitude. Esa wants to demonstrate the feasibility of orbital constellations that could work to better police our skies from space.
At the same time, it appears as a map of the interconnectedness of humanity and the nervous system of human civilisation.

Air traffic map by ESA/DLR/SES (c)

Printscreen from PlaneFinder (c)

Earthbound Souls and A Visit to a Swiss-Japanese Friend

October 7th, 2015

Last Sunday my wife and I were invited by Lilli, a Swiss-Japanese friend of my wife, for a lunch with some friends of her’s in her home in Horgen at the Lake of Zurich. Lilli, a lady in her 60s, and my wife are working together in Spirit Release. They cooperate in difficult cases and had also been together at a course on Spirit Release with David Furlong in London. I came to know Lilli during a visit at our home. For many years she had been working with Spirit Release in Japan.

On the highway to Zurich I didn’t feel well. While talking to my wife it came again to my mind that it had started 2-3 days ago, after my visit of the headquarters of anthroposophy in Dornach. There was an inner tension and subtle irritation which didn’t go away in spite of my trying to clear it in meditation. Thoughts returned to my involvement with Anthroposophy in the 80s. I wondered why this visit had released these streams of memories, thoughts and emotions.

Sunday morning during meditation I felt as if I had caught a spirit attachment (of some deceased soul). I tried to release it, without success. I felt a bit better after the fire ritual.

During the trip to Zurich I told Cyrille, my wife, about my feelings as per the visit in Dornach and that I didn’t feel well this morning. She replied that the visit must have triggered some unfinished business of mine in relation to my encounters with anthroposophy in the 80s and started asking questions. I then mentioned to her that I suppose having an attachment and she immediately felt it. She said that these are departed souls of anthroposophs and that she feels strong mental concepts preventing them from ascending from the lower spheres. Images flashed through my mind. She proposed to do a spirit release and so we stopped shortly before arriving at Lilli’s home. She addressed the spirits, explained them their situation and proposed to turn to the light. But they refused, having fear to go away. It was like a fight going on around my head and I felt fatigued. My wife then suggested to ask Lilli for help.

We rang at her apartment and Lilli came to the door; from the background there were party noises – about a dozen persons – Japanese ladies with their Swiss or German husbands and five children. Cyrille said to Lilli: “We have brought you a present – some spirit attachments stuck with Ludger.” Lilli replied, “Oh, what a nice present. Let’s immediately have a look at it.” We laughed.

We went to her office room. Lilli asked Sumi, a young Japanese lady to come with us: “She is also clairvoyant and helps me in my work.”

She took my hands and Sumi touched my left arm. Cyrille assisted energetically. They clearly felt the spirits and Lilli said, “They are quite a lot, and yes, they are intensely stuck in their mental concepts about the subtle world.”

Lilli addressed the earthbounds and explained that she helps them to go to the light. I felt an irritated spider web surrounding me. It was being lifted up from me and flew out through my hands to her’s. The spirits disappeared into the Light. Within 1-2 minutes I felt free and released – and happy.

Lilli and Sumi explained that the spirits had hooked at the back of my spine below the neck, a favourite entrance point. When leaving my aura, many other departed souls with a similar mindset linked to them had taken the chance of joining their friends on their way to the Light.

We then joined the ongoing party. I first had a talk with Sumi who told me how she was in India, finding healing with an Ayurvedic cure, meeting Amma and coming to know there her future husband. Then another Japanese lady addressed me about my paintings. I never was in any Japanese environment before, eating home-made Green tea ice-cream plus sweet Azuki beans and the like… In the apartment there were beautiful Japanese artworks and furniture besides a variety of Buddhas, rock crystals and other stones. I viewed a painting of Mount Fujiyama – in my student time I had various photos and artworks of it in my room.

I especially enjoyed the 5 German/Swiss-Japanese children between maybe 4 and 10. Lilli explained that all of them were in a way clairvoyant and partly their mothers, too. It was very interesting how the children grow up between Japanese and Swiss culture, and all were quite fluent in English as well…

Lilli did some playful trainings with them. She had a deck of cards about precious stones and crystals and their devas. She showed one card to the children, shuffled the cards and put them with the back on the table. Then she asked the children to find the card which she had asked them to connect to. Two of the children were quite good. One boy ended up by always discovering the right card. Afterwards Lilli let the children sense the qualities of different kinds of crystals. We adults also tried to find a card from the set on the table. With no result – it was the second-last card we turned…

After a short walk along the lake we went back home. There were definitely no more earthbounds around.

Laughing Buddha in our bedroom, a present of a friend


A Visit to the Headquarters of Anthroposophy and the Rudolf Steiner Archive

October 3rd, 2015

Last Wednesday I was in Dornach near Basel at the “Rudolf Steiner Archives“. I was invited by Frank, a friend who works there as an editor of the Complete Works of Rudolf Steiner (“Complete Works”, in German, currently 350 volumes, completion targeted by 2025, with approximately 410 volumes total. It is the biggest edition of an author and lecturer globally known so far. Steiner held about 6000 lectures between 1888 and 1924 totally.) The archives are located in the House Duldeck, directly in front of the Goetheanum, the home to the international headquarters of the Anthroposophical movement founded by Rudolf Steiner. The Goetheanum building was named by Steiner in commemoration  to Goethe. Steiner started his career as an editor for Goethe’s works on natural sciences (a brochure in English about the Goetheanum).

I hadn’t been at the anthroposophical headquarters since 27 years. For 8 years in the 80s I had been intensely studying many works of Steiner. I even did the Waldorf Teacher training and worked in a Swiss Steiner school for 4 years. During these years, I had been in Dornach several times. However, I left the school and anthroposophy in 1990. I now was curious to see the headquarters as a visitor.

Frank gave me a warm welcome, and we went into the cafeteria inside the Goetheanum. Renovation work was going on outside – did it touch also the inner attitudes which I had experienced as difficult in the past? The noise of the machines was so loud that we didn’t stay in the “holy halls” but sat outside on a bench with a beautiful view around. I felt like in an open air museum of anthroposophy – it looked all the same as it was in the 80s.

We had an intense talk about his experiences as a project manager with the data management of the archives. I took some shots of the craftsmen working outside the building – very symbolic scenes. Then Frank went with me to the floor of the board of directors. I enjoyed sitting some minutes next to the inner halls. The door-plate of one of the directors showed the name of a man whom I had met 30 years ago in Paris, where I had been a short-time trainee at a Steiner school and he a young teacher.

We then went to the House Duldeck, a fascinating iconic house built with dynamic forms in concrete in the years 1915-20. Frank gave a guided tour – a young couple joined and also one of his colleagues. It was very impressive to have a profound look into the backgrounds of this house and the work of Rudolf Steiner. He had designed and shaped this building for a dentist, Emil Grosheintz, a friend of his who had given him all the area of the Goetheanum – which first was planned to be realised in Munich but met too many obstructions there. When the first Goetheanum was being constructed – a beautiful wood building – various anthroposophs opposed to the creation of a family house directly in front of the “mystery temple”. They feared that the view of diapers on the balconies would disturb the lofty feelings. Steiner, on the contrary, said that spirituality has to be integrated into daily life – and called the house “Duldeck”, meaning “corner of tolerance”. The first Goetheanum was destroyed by arson on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1922 – January 1, 1923. Steiner immediately decided to build a new one, this time in concrete – and much bigger, so that the first Goetheanum would have enough place inside.

In the underground archives (fire-proof!) we got an impression of the gigantic work of Steiner, who had influenced not only the esoteric thought but had given impulses for medicine, farming, architecture, education (world-wide Waldorf Schools), social activity, dance, theatre etc. We saw models of the first and second Goetheanum, of paintings, the hand-writings of rare manuscripts (The Secret Science…) or of Steiner’s many notebooks: He meticulously took note not only of thoughts for talks but also of the money spent- during a bigger part of his life he was quite poor. A huge library of all the versions of his books or the books of his library and of many other materials still unpublished. I felt deeply impressed and humble sensing the incredible impact he had manifested.

At the end we had a look at rooms normally not shown in the upper floors – office and meeting rooms full of nooks and crannies, with beautiful views.

When I left I felt grateful that I had been given the chance of looking a bit behind these curtains. And I felt a bit reconciled with the impulse of anthroposophy. Over years Steiner’s split with theosophy and its consequences, which I very well understand due to the glamour of the successors of H. P. Blavatsky, had nevertheless left a profound irritation. In the past I sensed an attitude of spiritual supremacy combined with trench warfare and a highly sceptical ideology towards the eternal wisdom teachings and their recent developments. When the golden sun-rays shone over the buildings there was a peaceful ambiance around and in me a hope that one day also the strongest thought-forms of anthroposophy will be transformed by the incoming new impulses of life.

View of the Goetheanum from House Duldeck

Libra – From the Periphery to the Centre

September 25th, 2015

The spiritual path is from objectivity to subjectivity and via the subtle planes to the reunion with the divine centre. In the movement through the zodiac, Libra stands for the complete unfoldment of objective life, where you can lose yourself in the “scales of the balance” or return to the centre of rotation, which corresponds to the centre of our existence. Objectivity is horizontal life, subjectivity is vertical life, and both need to form a right angle, a balance in the centre.

When I was inwardly searching for the new image, nothing showed up until there was a window of time to start working on the image. I perceived a horizontal and a vertical line formed by galaxies. I started searching the “Google quarry” for elements to approach the inner image and found many a galaxy and other interesting objects but the inner image did not fit with the outer pieces of the puzzle. I felt dissatisfied.

Next morning in meditation I clearly saw the structure and the needed elements. For the vertical line I took a photo of the milky-way and for the horizontal line, the field of light, a photo of the Sombrero galaxy. I super-imposed elements of star-fields and a star and added the eyes as symbols of the Mother of the Universe. Then I worked out colours and details with the pencils and gave the image a final digital finish. And yes, this was the image which wanted to manifest.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.

13 June 2015, pencils and photo work

After the Group Living – Another Visit to the Iguazu Falls

September 14th, 2015

Last Thursday Sri Kumar and most of the remaining group members left Iguazu. Our group from Europe, however, was staying 2-3 more days and wanted to visit the Falls again. It was clouded and at the Falls much less crowded than on Saturday. We wanted to go to the St. Martin’s Island lying directly in front of some major falls but the water was again higher than the day before where boats could land on the island. So a few friends and I decided to go for a short boat ride on the Iguazu River, where the boats come very close to the waterfalls.

The people coming from a previous ride were totally wet. Luckily I had my bathing trunks with me. We got waterproof sacks to store our clothes and life jackets were fastened. The engines roared and the boat slid through the turbulent waters. Two times we approached the falls on the left and the right side of the island. When the boat came to the left side for the third time we approached the huge waterfront up to a few meters. It was a thundering roar and the mist of waters drenched us.

Then we went to the other side of the island. We slowly approached one of the falls and then the boat speeded up to go directly through the fall. A huge gush of waters poured down upon us. I had to close my eyes and hold my breath. It was an incredible feeling of joy to be in the midst of the energy of the waters.

The boat took another round and again we went through the gushing waters – wow! I hadn’t expected these strong energies. We all laughed when the boat came out again and drove back to the landing platform.

When I put on my clothes it started raining. A nice blessing of the waters, I thought.

We then went to the “Devil’s Throat” which we now called Angels’ Throat. In the meantime more tourists had arrived. For a while we gazed like hypnotized into the huge masses of waters. Sometimes birds seemed to disappear behind the falls. From the abyss clouds of fine mist ascended and were blown like passing angels over the upper river or came blessing us.

At lunchtime it was still raining. We stood around some umbrellas of a kiosk and observed the play of the coatis, small furry animals with long mouths. There were warnings not to feed them. But they were clever. A man came with a pizza and put it on a table. A coati attacked him and while the man chased it away a group of 7, 8 coatis jumped on the table and disappeared with his fresh pizza. Angry he went into the kiosk again and came out with another pizza. And again they tried to get hold of it. Miquel from our group laughingly said, they are really doing a good group cooperation. I could successfully defend my sandwich…

Afterwards we again went to the Superior Trail above the falls. Inma, a doctor from Barcelona, had brought a small carved stick decorated with some ribbons and “Peace on Earth” in 4 languages on the four sides of the stick. On tours to holy places she uses to plant somewhere a “peace stick” but this time the stick should “go with the flow”. We formed a triangle, sang 7 times OM and then she threw the stick with our blessings into the roaring fall. When we returned to the railway station we saw a beautiful toucan with its huge orange beak sitting on a tree.

The train took us back to the entrance, where our taxis picked us up again. Next day, Meinrad and me were returning via Rio and Frankfurt to Switzerland, while the rest of the group had one more day to visit again the falls.

Group Living in Iguazu, Visits to the Falls

September 11th, 2015

Arriving in Iguazu on 4th September in the later afternoon the bus left the main road and entered into a small unpaved road winding through the rainforest. After some kilometres it stopped in front of the entrance building of the main building of the Village Cataratas Hotel – an impressive site all surrounded by forest. A number of smaller houses were built into the forest and connected with little wooden bridges. Other group members from North America, the Caribbean, Venezuela and Brazil as well as from various Argentinian groups dropped in. Since the seminar was about to start on 6th September the meeting hall was not yet set up. So we met outside the beautiful dining hall building for evening meditation while the sun set with intense colours.

Next morning a bus and various cars brought us to the Argentinian side of the famous Iguazu Falls. Sri Kumar and Kumari Garu also joined the tour. It was a radiant blue sky and lots of tourists were pouring into the national park. We got into a small train which brought us to the upper part of the falls, the Garganta del Diablo, the Devil’s Throat. Sri Kumar said that we should think of them as Angels’ Throat, where there is a centre of a very sublime energy. The whole area is an Ashram of Synthesis related to a divine seer called Brahmanaspati and there is also located a 7th ray ashram of Count Saint Germain. We arrived at 12 o’clock at the Angels’ Throat and, surrounded by the rising mist of the falling waters we intonated 21 times OM. In the presence of these strong vibrations of the thundering falls we all were in a blissful enrapture. Again and again the wind blew blessings of water clouds over the group. On the way there were plenty of butterflies and also other animals.

We afterwards went to the Superior Trail, where bridges lead us close to the top of other parts of the falls with splendorous views to the St. Martin’s Island near which the centre of the Ashram is located in the etheric realm. We wanted to take a boat to the island but the water was too high so that the boats could not land. But the sun created rainbows all over the falls.

While most of the group members relaxed at a restaurant, I went with some friends to the Lower Trail to see further views of the falls. It was a most impressive experience.

Next day the group living started. The members from Posadas had prepared a sublime altar with a huge picture of Hanuman, the great cosmic Master who arrived on the planet 18 million years ago. He is a Vanara, a being which can change his form at will and mostly stays in a monkey-like form. Sri Kumar started his talk saying that he was very much surprised about this picture and he never had seen such a beautiful presentation even in India, and so in the course of the seminar he also spoke about Hanuman and his work. A short extract from my notes, from the opening words of the seminar:

“Iguazu means Ikshvaku; Ikshvaku is the first solar king on the planet. Much solar energy prevails here. May we find our original entity as solar beings.

From the Solar God to the solar king there was a transmission of synthesis. It is also called yoga. The Solar God received initiation from Manu Vaivasvata. Manu Vaivasvata himself received the yoga of synthesis from higher circles. From the higher circles to Manu Vaivasvata, from Manu Vaivasvata to the Sun God, from the Sun God to the solar king on earth there has been the initial transmission of the yoga of synthesis. That is what Lord Krishna said in Bhagavad Gita. He said, I initiated the Sun God. The name of the Sun God is Vivasvata. The son of the Solar God Vivasvata is Vaivasvata. The Sun God is called Vivasvata. His son is called Vaivasvata. The sun’s light is said to be the Son of God. The Sun God has a son. The name of the Sun is Vivasvata. His son is Manu who is called Vaivasvata.

What is Vaivasvata? – the light of the sun. It is received by our Earth. Between the Earth and the Sun there is a field of light, it is called Manu Vaivasvata. This Vaivasvata, the Manu, and his son are on the earth, he is called Ikshvaku. He is the first solar king on the planet. The waterfall here is in relation to the sound Ikshvaku – Iguazu. This is a centre of synthesis. Lord Krishna gives a hierarchy of the yoga of Synthesis. When Krishna speaks I AM, this initiated the Sun God. The Sun God initiated Manu; Manu initiated the solar king. The solar king tries to initiate the beings on Earth.”

The three days of the seminar went quickly by, filled with meditations, inspiring lectures and exchanges with the many group members present. On Sunday there was a fire ritual followed by the blessing and name-giving ceremony for children.

In the night of the second day suddenly a hailstorm with torrential rains broke out. Next morning we saw that the hailstones big like eggs had demolished a number of car windows and caused other devastations. Sri Kumar explained that this release of energy was an expression of a cleansing of conflict energies.

On the 9th, the day after the seminar, the members who still remained there, went together with Sri Kumar and Kumari-Garu to the Brazilian side of the waterfalls. On the way we stopped at a shop where they sold crystals and jewels: Huge amethysts and rock crystals, all kind of crystal sculptures and a number of handicraft works. Radiant jewels in all rainbow colours attracted the people most. While some could carry with them a few of the treasures of the earth I enjoyed taking photos.

From the Brazilian side of the fall we had again a gorgeous view of the falls. And after some days of clouds the sun was again back with rainbows over the falls. We stood at the Angels’ Throat and again sung 21 OM in the roaring sound of waters.

Afterwards Sri Kumar and some of the group members did a short helicopter flight over the falls while the other members went to a Birds’ Park with colourful tropic birds – all kinds of parrots, flamingos, toucans and also some huge serpents and a crocodile. The battery of my camera, however, had stopped and so I took the impressions with the camera of the heart.

Most of the European members had relocated after the seminar to a cheaper hotel. Thursday early morning a small bus brought us back to the seminar hotel for a final meditation with the Master. We all felt full of gratitude for this splendorous tour full of inner and outer highlights and a plethora of profound teachings. Thursday afternoon Sri Kumar and his wife left towards Rio and India, while we had again 2-3 more days.

Group Living in Posadas and Journey to Puerto Iguazu

September 8th, 2015

Monday, 31 August around 9.30 pm we arrived at the Centro de Espiritualidad Fátima in Posadas, located at a catholic nuns’ monastery/seminary of missionaries who had come from Germany. A beautiful park with high trees partly with orchids surrounded the old main building. A part of our group, including myself, was located there, while another part lodged in a newer building in another area of the huge ground. I got a small cell where the room was much higher than the base; it was simple but suited for a seminar, even a tiny bathroom.

The group of Posadas had arranged a beautiful altar with a big poster of Nicholas Roerich’s painting of the World Mother. The main topic of the meeting was about the occult side of the sign of Virgo:

“Normally we do not meet so much with the groups of the West in the month of Virgo. Once I spoke about it in Argentina and about service in Montserrat, and the Virgin dimension in St. Moritz. Now I am presenting to you the other dimension, the pride and the intellect. If you relate to Virgo it is causing the fall. Not all in Virgo is virgin nature. A part of it relates to pride, a part of it relates to intellect and a part relates to virgin nature. The first part is that of virgin nature, the second part relates to intellect and the third part relates to pride. Once the pride sets in the fall is certain. Men of pride are bound to fall. Men of intellect are bound to complicate themselves. Men of virgin nature have the facility of the impression of light, love and will. The soul qualities can reflect and can be received when there is virgin nature. Virgin nature enables the reflection of divine nature and also what is beyond the 3 qualities as pure consciousness. Pure consciousness leads us into 3 qualities which are called divine qualities, will knowledge and activity. These four constitute the divine side of nature they can be reflected on Akasha which we call virgin nature. This we call sky, the virgin matter. It is reflection upon that; the higher reflects itself on the Akasha. The nature most high reflects on Akasha and by such reflection the formations happen on the lower planes of matter. This impression causing imagery is called Samudra. If you look for the meaning of Samudra it says ocean. But if you get into the key of etymology it reflects that which is above. That is why we have the statement as above so below, that is the virgin nature. That which is higher is reflected and the nature impregnates, bringing down divine manifestation. That is where the virginity of nature, the Immaculate Conception. Immaculate means, by impression it receives and gets impregnated. When you reach that nature in you you are with the will of God, the plan, the knowledge of God. Everything impregnates you. According to that you function here.“

Thursday there was a fire ritual where also one of the nuns participated. It was followed by a marriage ritual. At the close of the seminar there was a question-answer session. Dr. Kumar picked up again the point that humans should better not live together with animals / pets in the house since their presence will draw from us: “They are not very contributive to you, you contribute to them.” The animals and plants should be left in their natural surroundings. Sacred plants can be in the compound but not in the house; flowers, however, are fine. If animals come by themselves to stay with us for a while it is ok but we should not try to keep them with us. Crystals and precious stones as well as silver and gold are very good; iron should be kept outside. Leather is fine for humans, when it is treated the animal vibrations are out. It is better than synthetic materials.

Thursday evening there was a public lecture in the town-hall, which was completely filled. A children’s choir gave a welcome. Dr. Kumar spoke about education, human values and the need of cooperation. At the beginning there was some noise and hustle and bustle in the hall but the topic captured all. With his humorous stories and vivid examples, Dr. Kumar captured the attention of all and in the end there was a thunderous applause.

Friday morning the bus brought us to the Parana River, where a white catamaran boat was waiting for us. During about 3 hours we had a beautiful ride up the river. We had a stop in front of a grotto of the Virgin Mary on the Paraguay side of the river and at some impressive rocks in a rainforest area, where the native Indians used to do rituals.

Later at a ship’s berth of a hotel in the forest our bus picked us up again and we continued our ride towards Iguazu, where we arrived in the late afternoon.


Group Living in Santa Fe and Flight to Posadas

September 5th, 2015

Last week Thursday morning we went to the national airport of Buenos Aires for the flight to Santa Fe. At the airport we met friends from Germany and from the States who just had arrived. A welcome talk in a cafeteria and then the check-in. Soon afterwards we entered a small Saab air-plane with 36 seats of which our group nearly occupied half of them. Soon Buenos Aires disappeared below us and the followed the huge Parana River. Vast areas were covered with inundations. When the plane came down I thought, where will it find a dry place to land. But then the runway of Santa Fe airport appeared. The temperature was warmer than in Buenos Aires, and a deep blue sky filled with brilliant light greeted us when we stepped out of the plane.

Some members of the Santa Fe group gave us a warm welcome and presented flowers to Dr. Kumar and Kumari-Garu. Quickly the luggage was stored in a small bus and some taxis. Also from the ground you could see some inundations around. Although there were temperatures reminding me of summertime many trees still had no leaves. We came through the city of Santa Fe and crossed a branch of the Parana River where on the other side the seminar hotel, a tall glass tower appeared.

Already many Argentinian members had arrived. We were about 150 people from different groups of Argentina and other Latin American countries, from the States and Europe. The lecture hall was beautifully decorated with images of paintings of Nicholas Roerich and a huge poster Master CVV over Mount Aconcagua was greeting us at the front-side.

The conferences of Dr. Kumar were about different aspects of the wisdom teachings and about the axis of the energies of Leo and Aquarius. He pointed out that although we are already in the month of Virgo, the full moon is considered as the full moon of Leo, since during the main part of the full moon hours the moon was in the constellation of Dhanishta, which is located in Aquarius. The main focus, however, was on keeping in one’s awareness during the day the link that we are all consciousness manifested in forms and that all forms and situations we see are expressions of this pure consciousness:

“The scriptures in the east say, as you take shower let a part of you be related to be with the divine. As you dress up yourself, let a part of you be engaged with the divine while the other part is taking bath and dressing up. Let a part of you be engaged in light while you are driving to work. Likewise when at work let a part of you be engaged in light. Anything you do let a part be engaged with light, a small part, that is enough, it keeps the door open into that part of your being which is the lightened part. We are not only personalities, we are lighted beings as souls and we are pulsating beings of light. We have a field of light into which we can consciously walk when we can dedicate a part of our being to the field of light. That part slowly magnetises you.“

The time flew by. On the last day there was a fire ritual followed by a marriage ceremony, a lecture and a question-answer session. In the evening those members who had not yet departed assembled in the premises of the Santa Fe group in the city. We sat close together for evening meditation and another question-answer session. There were very profound questions and the answers, as usual, very thrilling.

Next morning the plane brought us back to Buenos Aires. Instead of staying at the airport we went with a part of our group by taxi to a nearby park with a beautiful lake, where we passed the day. In the afternoon we returned to the airport, where more members had arrived for the flight to Posadas.

When we entered the airplane there was a gorgeous sunset which I captured with some photos. In the plane a friend offered me her seat at the window so that I could take some other pictures. There was an incredible symphony of rainbow colours at the horizon which slowly turned to dark and faded away into violet-red. When we left the airplane at Posadas a warm wind brought smells of tropic air. And again some Argentinian friends gave us a warm welcome for the next part of our journey.


Meetings in Buenos Aires: Sudama Centre and Teatro Quiron

September 2nd, 2015

Last week on Wednesday morning, the group visited Sudama, a centre dedicated to a variety of social service activities. At the centre Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar gave a talk on the importance of selfless service to society and expressed his deep admiration for the work done at Sudama. Afterwards the group members presented self-made healthy food items to to our group from the West.

I had a very cordial talk with several members of Sudama. They told me about the great spectrum of their service activities, and they do it in silence: They are giving support to people in need in different fields of the society – in prisons, psychiatries, in areas of great need on the countryside, where people live in great poverty, to children (support to schools), in the area of health (a number of doctors is collaborating) and especially in the field of healthy nutrition / cooking, where they instruct people how to follow a healthy vegetarian diet. The group is also publishing a magazine about healthy living.

Sudama is working as a group since 30 years; Sri Kumar gave the name to the group and visited it every time he came to Argentina. I was deeply impressed by their dedication, high standard and perseverance of the service work done.

In the evening we went to the Teatro Quiron, a centre for cultural activities run by a member of the WTT, where Dr. Kumar spoke about inner normalisation with the help of sound, colour, symbol and number.

Last Thursday the group went / flew to Santa Fe. My impressions will follow soon – the internet-connection was difficult the last days and I was online only for a few minutes.

In the South of Argentina

August 26th, 2015

Last Friday the group went to Olavarría, about 350 km south of Buenos Aires. The small highway lead through seemingly endless flat Pampa areas, just with a few bushes, Eucalyptus trees and cows – on meadows all around surrounded with barbed wires… And there were lots on inundations along the brooks and on the meadows.

The group of Olavarría gave us a warm welcome. We were lodged at apartments in different parts of the town. We could not discover the traffic rules at the crossroads – it seemed that the rule is “first comes, first served” – and so it was when we drove with an Argentinian lady through the city…

The following days there were lectures of Dr. Kumar in the morning and in the evening. On Sunday there was a fire ritual followed by a marriage ceremony for 2 couples of Olavarría and a guitar concert.

Outside it was quite cold and windy but the weather was mostly fine. And there was a special brilliance in the light. Monday the group went to the park of Olavarría with huge old eucalyptus tree, and of course, we took the obligatory group pictures… Afterwards we visited the Harmony Yoga Centre of Alicia Delucca – a beautiful house of a serene ambiance with a yoga hall and some rooms for group activities surrounded by a little garden.

We had a lot of joy with the small group of 6 persons in our apartment, and so the time passed by quickly. Tuesday morning the bus brought us back. And again we drove through the endless horizon of the Pampa before arriving in the crowded and restless city of Buenos Aires.