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Speaking and Being Silent

August 31st, 2014

Some days ago, I met some friends. I knew that some of them like to talk extensively, and I asked myself how I wanted to deal with it. I remembered Sri Kumar once telling how Master EK in such situations withdrew inside and kept a mental cut-off until the discoursing was over.

I decided to use the situation for learning and to observe my reactions on the impact of these friends. At least up to a certain degree, and then maybe silently slip away.

In the past, I was impressed and often carried away by articulate persons with a strong mental impregnated with a lot of wisdom concepts and I felt some inferiority. I knew it was a weak point of myself, and with the time I noticed that such eloquence is like a hot air blower. The concepts presented in quick sequences leave no impact; they feel like straw without grains.

The friends were well versed in theosophical thoughts, with a love for power politics and conspiracy theories. As expected, the dialogues were intense. At the beginning, I followed the content. Inwardly, I had to smile noticing that in the presence of someone who is a very strong talker, the less strong ones got silenced, at least for a while. The less talkative persons don’t step in at all.

At the beginning, I followed the content; with the time I became more and more an observer. At some occasions, I slipped away to help the lady of the house in the kitchen.

I noticed that monologic discoursing gets carried away by a gush of ideas. They don’t notice whether their talk is of interest for the others or what they think and particularly, what is being unsaid.

I tried to observe when the talk was saturated by own experiences, and what is “voicing opinions” or “teaching one’s beliefs”. The experience part is much more vivid and impressive. However, I found that a fuelling energy in most sequences was the indignation about manipulations of the power mongers, of big money and pharma, about the machinations against alternative innovative inventors… In a way, the fire is encircling the attention but leaves an empty feeling and disorientation, and it sucks your energy – you get depleted.

Under the surface of such talks, I noticed hidden wounds of the individual biographies which shone forth through small remarks. The fight against “the darkness” is nourished by unresolved business inside. Caroline Myss speaks of “woundology”. The urge to focus on and fight against the outer shadows is resulting from your inner wounds and dark spots. I have intensely experienced it the last years and only come out of it through prolonged meditative and therapeutic work with myself.

One’s own shadows are difficult to notice and understand. My friends are decennies on the spiritual path but the fascination for the “projection play” was still intense. I had experienced myself that it needed profound crises and pain to change the habit of projecting the problems out into the world. Fighting against darkness increases fighting; only increasing the inner light creates a lighted sphere.

I later spoke with my wife how one could help others understand their projections. She said, “The pressure of suffering needs to be high enough. Suffering is easier than learning. Mostly, they don’t want to wake up.” Even many people doing spiritual practices or studying wisdom teachings seem to have great difficulties to realize their own part and predisposition while criticising what they perceive as wrong in others or the society. The yearning for salvation towards a guru, a theology or cosmic interventions is also mostly nourished by a longing that one’s own pain might end.

Sometimes, mindful listening to the other might help and, where possible, guiding the conversation from “talking about the world” to “what does it do to you?”, and recognizing the hidden pain. It is a slow process and best without expectations. When the wounds are cleared, healing can come from the inner.


Virgo – The Mother and the Maturing of the Souls

August 28th, 2014

We are now in the month of Virgo, so here is the picture to the month:

The earthy sign of Virgo symbolizes the slow growth in the “womb of time” through conflicts and crises to reach the light of the soul. When we have gained a pure mind, it can reflect the divine Light. When the Light gets born in the virgin mind, this is called the “birth in Light”. The light of primordial nature is described as the Mother of the World. She penetrates all the seven planes of existence. These planes are said to be the veils of the Mother, and they are also depicted as a rainbow around her head. It says that her eyes transmit the rays of grace uplifting the souls to their pristine nature.

For this picture I used the image of a little statue of the Virgin with a star-filled veil. Around her head you see the colours of a huge rainbow, the planes of creation. In the background I placed two galaxies from the constellation of Virgo, depicting the cosmic eyes of the Virgin.

In the lower sphere I arranged an extract of a group photo and on each person’s face I placed a layer of a sunrise, illustrating the reflection of the divine Light in the human minds. They are the souls maturing in the matter to experience the birth in the Light.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.

10 May 2014, A 5, pencils and photo work

An Excursion to the Stockhorn Mountain

August 25th, 2014

In the mountains you can absorb a lot of subtle energies. A week ago, the Sunday morning started very promising with beautiful sunshine, after days of rain. So we decided to go on a tour to the Stockhorn, a mountain we see from our living room, about 50 km away via highway. And indeed, it was a fantastic day for airing and refilling prana…

Souvenirs came while going up – one day before our eldest son was born in 1990, we had a little walk on this mountain – naively not thinking what could have happened – next day evening, my wife felt the labour pains and we rushed to the hospital… Now we looked at other families with small children and remembered how fast these times go by. Enjoy the pictures.

A Little Souvenir of the Little Master

August 21st, 2014

If you are not particularly attached to the yoga of Master CVV you probably won’t have heard about Master MN (Sri Mynampati Narasimham). He was born on 25 August 1883, so we celebrate his 131st birthday (or, in Indian counting, the 132nd) next Monday.

The Master chose to be quite incognito and even secretive. He never wanted his picture to be made available. But Sri Kumar was helped to find some pictures and now we have an idea how the Master looked like:


I came to know about Master MN through the booklet “Master CVV” by Master EK, which I read in the early 90s; there you find a small chapter on Master MN. I felt fascinated. Years later I found an Indian biography – a collection of teachings and memories by his followers – not so easy to read. And it also “disappeared” again soon afterwards – somebody must have borrowed it and not given back…

So I was particularly happy when in January 2013 Sri Kumar gave me his newly published biography of Master MN, and I read it in one go. It is a fascinating book; you find it here as a PDF. If you think you don’t have much time, have a look at this short extract about the initiation of Master MN by Master CVV – beware! afterwards you might want to read the whole book!

I was impressed by the profound changes in the life of the Master: He started his professional career as a teacher, then became a reknown lawyer. Coffee drinking and chain smoking were part of his daily routine. He organised tournaments in billiards and tennis to popularise the games in the town where he lived. Family, games and cards at the lawyer’s club plus cigarette smoking mounted up stress on him. After some heavy ‘blows of fate’ (losing 3 elders and his younger brother in a short sequence) he started searching for the sense of life. While on the outer side his daily routine continued, he felt disgust of life and even depression. Meeting Master CVV through some “mysterious incidents” and getting initiated by him totally changed his life.

There was an influx of life force, and knowledge started coming inwardly. He continued his law cases but started concentrating on yoga. Thereafter, he never charged any money for the cases. He said to the clients, “If you wish to give, you can, if not, it is ok.” He accepted whatever came. “I never handle cash. I do not, as far as possible, touch cash. Money comes in large quantities and goes. Comes according to my needs and goes according to my needs.” Like Master CVV, he also used to offer sumptuous food to people coming to his home.

More and more, he demonstrated the energy of the Master – healing without giving medicine, teaching and initiating people into the Yoga of Synthesis. Three years after the initiation, Master CVV wrote to Master MN, “You are already a master. I call you the Little Master, there is no difference between me and you.”

Though he “disappeared” again on 11 March 1940, on the day he had announced already previously, his work is going on behind the scenes. Master EK wrote about him: “Those who are initiated into the Yogic experience by Master MN are now laying the foundation of Yoga in the Western countries. Through the fiery and invisible efforts of Master MN, the presence of Master CVV would again permeate to the East, establishing the spiritual fusion of East and West.”


Making my Paintings Available for Free

August 18th, 2014

After pondering on it for a while, I decided to make the original files of my paintings available for free. As I wrote on the website of my images, “All the pictures are expressions of spiritual principles / realities. I receive them and I give them for free.” This way, the images might better find the way to serve their purpose.

So if you would like to print a picture yourself, there is now a page where you can download the files of the “Images of Synthesis” in medium and high resolution format.


“The Duet” – A Beautiful Short Film

August 16th, 2014

Have a look at this playful hand-drawn short film by Glen Keane in dark blue. Keane was the main creative in some of the most famous animated Disney films. Animated and directed entirely by him, DUET tells the story of Mia and Tosh and how their individual paths in life are woven together to create a duo – cute :-). Here you can read more about the realisation of the film. And here is a video about how it was done with “ATAP” (Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group).

Glen Keane - The Duet
An extract from the video (c)

Inconspicuous Essentials

August 14th, 2014

Basic regulations of spiritual practices are often apparently simple and easy but their import only reveals gradually and through consistent practice over a long time. That’s the tricky thing: You tend to forget the import and the practice becomes a routine. Normally you won’t notice -  unobtrusively, the transforming power diminishes or even gets lost – until there is again a “wake-up call”. It might be quite a silent call to reset your schedule.

A month ago I experienced such a “wake-up”:

Since years, I’m following the meditation proposed by Master CVV. It is simple but very profound. One of the basic regulations says, “To choose a fixed time for the daily meditation, best at an interval of 12 hours – 6 o’clock in the morning and evening.”

It is recommended to select an appropriate time for meditation and to adhere to it strictly. And 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. are recommended as the appropriate points of time. They form one of the two central axes dividing the day into 4 quarters, between morning and evening, between noon and midnight.

I know this rule since years and I followed such a meditation structure already during my years of study. I experienced the subtle dynamic strength of the rhythm: “Honour time, then time honours you.” This I knew, at least with my mind.

However, logic finds many excuses why not to be regular. There are lots of seemingly strong necessities for exceptions, and slowly exceptions become the rule, “because of office work”, “family”, “not finding time”, and you certainly know other good reasons.

Reason is not rhythm. Of course, you should not become rigid by sticking to self-imposed rules, and there is the recommendation that “any time between 4:00 and 8:00 in the morning and in the evening may be chosen to start with.”

Being an “early bird”, I have no problems starting the meditation at 06 a.m. but in the evening I used to come back tired from the office and could not do the meditation in time – I just fell asleep. I asked Sri Kumar about it and he said, “Think of the Master at 6 and do the meditation whenever it is possible for you.”

I’m no longer working at an office but I kept on arranging the meditation. I said to myself, “For me, it is more important to do the meditation together with my wife” (she is not following the 6/6 regulation)… And I found it a reasonable explanation – until recently.

Some months ago, a friend gave me a book on the yoga of Master CVV, a collection of his notes about his “courses, adjustments, principles and regulations”. I have read several of these books but most things I don’t understand. I once asked Sri Kumar and he said that they weren’t meant for the public, they were just Master CVV’s notes and we won’t understand. But I read them in bits and pieces, because somehow I felt an inspiring energy.

So one month ago, I read about how much Master CVV insisted that his disciples (“mediums”) strictly follow the given rules and regulations once they have firmly decided to practice. The disciples in town “must invariably attend daily once in the evening prayers. If they fail to attend every day evening, they will be permanently banished from this society.”

I was a bit shocked. He repeatedly emphasized the preciseness of time: those being not regular with the time “will derive only that share of development as is due to such practice”. “Some delay will occur”… He expected that the members come at a quarter to 6, rest for 15 minutes to be ready “to do practice at 6:00 o’clock precisely” and not with an empty stomach: “Yoga must be the prominent idea in your life. Everything else should be subordinate.” “You are having a false idea that the instructions and rules relating to the Yoga may be used according to your physical body’s convenience. The lenience given by me to follow the practice was taken as fun.”

This was my wake-up call. I didn’t want to reason it away but took it as a hint to integrate the rhythmic precision into my schedule without being rigid. Soon I felt an increase of energy through the magic of rhythmic order. “Axis arranged hours”, as Master CVV puts it in a mystic mantram, followed by “Higher Bridge Beginning”. Yes, this key of time is opening the entry to the higher bridge, to sublime dimensions of experiencing.

Master CVV surrounded by a group of his disciples in the early years of the 20th century.

An Inspiring Life – A Small Remembrance on the Occasion of Master EKs Birthday

August 10th, 2014

Tomorrow is Master EK’s birthday. He was born on 11 August 1926.

Although I didn’t meet him physically, Master EK (Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya) had a profound impact on my life. His teachings and his way of living impressed me very much. I first heard about him in 1981 but it took long years to “get caught” by his magnetism. His biography “Master E.K. – The New Age Teacher” is an inspiring reading and gives a good insight into his life.

Now there is a series of 6 DVDs relating to the Yoga of Master CVV (coming soon on YouTube); the second part has been published recently, dealing with the early years of Master EK’s life.

Here are a few words from a talk of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar (Master KPK) given on Master EKs birthday in 2011:

“It is not easy to understand a Master. We just make some conclusions about him without knowing anything about him. We consider him someone similar to us. He appears so but he is not. He appears to anyone according to their own belief and though. What a Master can do in this creation, even the cosmic intelligences cannot. His work is much greater. That is why there are some disciples who fulfilled themselves just by deeply following a Master and not even looking for the Lord.

A Master gives his disciple all freedom to move as he likes but keeps a constant check on him to protect him due to his compassion towards his disciple. Generally the relationship between the Master and disciple goes on for lives and lives and does not end with just one life.

Master EK is one such grand Master who has come down to help us all in the path. He is such a grand light but he just lived a simple life. He said “I believe in simplicity and not in publicity.” His sight is a great vision. He used to appear as if he did not see us but just by seeing anyone for a moment, he could understand the complete stature of the other person from his past to present. He just behaves as an image to us. If we greet him, he greets us; if we talk to him, he talks to us, if we are arrogant towards him, he would be very arrogant and so on. So there is nothing we can understand of him. It is even useless to even try to understand him.”

It is good to remember a Master and his qualities on his birthday – and it is uplifting to us.

Master EK, 1979

A Magic Touch of Krishna

August 2nd, 2014

When I set out to write the new Lunar Messenger for the month of Leo on Lord Krishna I felt again his magic touch. And thoughts of previous encounters came to my mind. I remember well how I noticed this touch of the presence consciously for the first time in the mid-70s of last century, when I read the newly published German version of a booklet, “The Heart of a Gopi” – “Das Herz einer Gopi” (PDF, by Raihana Tyabji, 1924, not available as English PDF) – stories about the enchanting influence of Krishna.

My first impressions of Krishna in the Europe of the 70s, however, were a bit weird: Bald-headed people in orange clothes with a queue at the back of the skull and chanting Hare Krishna were quite exotic appearances in the shopping promenades of the German city where I was studying. Years later, I had some “culinary contacts” with them – for a while the Hare Krishna people run an excellent restaurant in Berne, and one of them walking through the city gave me a free copy of their Vedic cook book…

The most intense encounter with Krishna’s magic was in the early 90s, when I translated Master EK’s “Music of the Soul” and “Man Sacrifice” about the life of Lord Krishna – these versions weren’t the ones published later. During the months of translation, I often felt blissful and like in a trance. My wife also experienced it while proof-reading. I did the translation in a time of intense inner and outer transformations and it was a strangely uplifting experience. Especially Music of the Soul I read a number of times, also in English as a “language course” with a friend. I relived the thrill when in 2012 Master EK’s “The World Teacher. Advent of Lord Krishna” was finally published in English and German. I received it from Sri Kumar and immediately dived into it.

My approach, however, was not a straight route and only slowly it took to a more differentiated shape. Chanting was definitely not my path, I found out end of the 80s when leaving the Sai Baba movement. In the 90s I bought in a second hand bookshop at a bargain price the complete 12 vol. edition Srimad Bhagavatam of Vedavyasa, in German, by Swami Prabhupada, dealing mainly with the life of Krishna. When I took some of the books to the next meeting of my then-teacher and his group, he made some derogatory remarks about the Swami and the books. His impact made me throw all the volumes in the garbage the next day. It took me quite long to trust my inner impulses and not to follow what I believe to be right, because I have heard it from someone, even if I regard him as my teacher.

I’m learning more and more to be vigilant about the energies I feel, their quality and expression, and Krishna is definitely enchanting for me. I don’t feel Hindu or like a “devotee” – it’s not my soul mood – but fascinated by the touch of the subtle presence. It was there when I translated orally comics and stories about the life of Krishna for our children while they were young. And when I did the three pictures on Lord Krishna (see below), each time this presence was strongly felt. I don’t try to analyse but just let the magic take effect on me. It is beyond mental concepts, it just IS.

However, you don’t need to put off your mind to get the touch of the presence – it is like being on two planes at the same time. I experienced it when I did on my PC an extensive collection of material of what Dr. K.P. Kumar and Dr. E. Krishnamacharya said on Krishna and when I ventured to condense it to the essence for the Lunar Messenger. But the touch of the presence clearly pointed out the way to take.

Krishnas birth was on 18 July 3228 BC, his  birthday is celebrated on the 8th descending moon phase of Leo – this year on Sunday, 17th of August.

Music of the Soul – Full Moon. 29/12/2009

Union beyond Duality. 16/04/2011

The Magic Flute of Krishna. 21/12/2012

Airing Out – A Walk in Nature

July 28th, 2014

I like very much airing out in nature. Whenever possible, my wife and I go out for a walk on Sunday afternoon. It is a good occasion for reflecting on experiences, events or persons , especially when walking on a hill with a view into the distance. While walking thoughts get cleared out and nature replenishes the “stocks of prana”.

Before each walk I’m intensely studying the trail map of the area to find a new spot or a place where we haven’t been for some time. And there are plenty of paths in the surroundings. So I’d like to take you with us on yesterday’s afternoon walk.

I chose the Falkenfluh, about 25 km from where we are living. Falken means falcon, and Fluh is an expression for a rock face. Though there were no falcons around, it is a very beautiful place at the foothills of the Alps.

From where we parked our car there was a beautiful view down, with the Lake Thun in the background. It wasn’t raining in the afternoon but the clouds were still hanging deep and veiled the Alps of the Bernese Oberland.


When we crossed the first little forest there were wood-strawberries all along the way. Later, on the top of the Falkenfluh, there were raspberry bushes and along one forest even blueberries. We could advance only slowly, the berries were too delicious.

At the entrance of a country house, Amor was waiting for sweet victims but there weren’t many around…


A little further ahead, we discovered a ramp leading over the cliff into the abyss: a jumping-off point for delta planes and other para-gliders.


Some meters ahead, there was a triangulation point marking the geographic centre of the Canton of Bern. And the Swiss Geomatic Society was celebrating an anniversary and inviting to register in a guest-book to participate in a raffle for a GPS…


Old apple trees on a meadow were heavily loaded with fruits.


Following the path, we arrived at a little farmhouse where children on the balcony told us the direction to follow: Turning to the left and along the barn, where some hens were running through the grass


We opened a pasture gate; the path became a small trail running over the meadow. A huge linden tree spread its aura far over the little valley. On an “emotrance seminar”, my wife has learnt to observe trees by asking whether they are willing to share their energy or not. Many trees, especially young ones, are not but huge, well-grown trees are spreading their energy all around. You could clearly feel the energetic presence of the linden tree even at a distance.


The air was filled with the ringing of the bells of the sheep. Here in Switzerland, sheep and cows often wear bells, so that you can easily find them – without GPS (I recently read about the tagging of animals with codes injecting the chips subcutaneously – for “better registration” and easier delivery at the butchery…)


A little further ahead we walked up a steep trail up the mountain. The earth was still very humid from the rain of the previous days and we walked zigzag over the roots.

At the top a lady was waiting with her mountain bike. When we came out of the tree alley, she started driving downward, over the slippery ground. It was steeper than the photo shows:


The path led us along the forest with a beautiful view over the meadows. When we stopped at a bench, we saw that people were just preparing a delta glider at the ramp. And again there were bushes with berries but had enough and started going down again.