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Cancer – Descent and Growth of the Soul in Matter

June 15th, 2016

Cancer represents the descent of the soul into matter and the relation of mother and child. At birth the soul ‘falls’ from the spiritual world into matter, imprisoned in the dense sheath of physical incarnation. The mother nourishes the child and gives her affection. Mother Nature protects the child until it awakens to the soul and consciously ascends from matter back to the spirit.

Meditating on the symbolism of Cancer I caught a glimpse of a converging spiral. In the spiral I perceived the different steps of the descent of the soul into matter, and this linked to the mother protecting the growing child. Their interaction reminded me of the glyph of Cancer, ♋.

However, it took some time of searching until I found access to the actual composition of the painting. As a point of departure, I chose a Shalagrama stone, an ammonite, whose spirals are regarded in the East as a symbol of the universal principle or God. I transformed light reflections from butter-lamps in an Indian temple to represent the stages of the descent of the soul, superimposing them on the spiral in different colour shades. For the mother and child I used elements of two Italian Renaissance painters: the mother from a painting of Fra Filippo Lippi (1406-1469) and the child from a painting of Fra Angelico (1395-1455). The spiral ends and also begins in the heart of the child, being near the heart of the mother – Cancer rules over the heart centre. The looks of Mother Nature come out of a veil of light; the face of the child radiates strength and purity. The surrounding greenish blue hints at the higher ruler of Cancer, Neptune.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.


06 March 2016, pencils and photo work

May Call Celebration 2016 in Bitche, France

June 1st, 2016

Last Wednesday I went to the French Vosges to prepare the third May Call Celebration in France together with some friends. The preparation team first met in the house of a group member and later we went to the holiday resort “Villages de France” in Bitche to have a look at the hall for the group living. Thursday morning we came to the seminar place with all the materials – and in a joyful ambiance the preparations were quickly arranged.

The site was a very beautiful place at a lake surrounded by forests on all sides. Around noon time the first participants arrived. I sat at the reception distributing the rooms – a good occasion for a first “hello” to the new arrivals. In France there were strikes going on blocking the petrol stations in parts of the country. One member from Brittany couldn’t get enough petrol to come – and it was too late to take a train… But 34 persons made it, and four came a little later. In all, we were 38 members from 5 countries – Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland.

The group living started with the evening prayer. After dinner some of us had a walk around the lake. The surface was very calm and the trees reflected like in a mirror – a fascinating sight.

For the next 4 days, we had set up a program with a variety of contributions by different members. The whole group living was bilingual, in French and German. Besides meditations and texts about the deeper significance of the May Call – the day of group initiation – outside morning exercises made us “fit for the day”; sacral dance and Qigong movements kept the body energies flowing. There were fascinating discourses on “Healthy through medicinal plants – it also goes without chemicals”, with some samples of herbal preparations; on “Astrology – the great picture” with examples of research on the inter-connectedness of all life;  on “The Energies of Time – a look at France and Europe”; and a spontaneous talk about the adventures around the German translation of the biography of Sripada. We saw the first part of the video Music of the Soul, on the life of Master CVV and the video “The Aquarian Zodiac” which was released on the occasion of this May Call.  And a beautiful slide-show took us on a journey to Mount Kailash. Saturday we did a Water Ritual and Sunday, the May Call Day, a Fire Ritual, a Light and Cake Ritual. In the afternoon there was a profound and humorous exchange about the ways how the participants came into contact with Master CVV and the energies of synthesis – fascinating stories.

Monday morning 27 of the group members went to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where we spoke the Global Prayer for Peace, an invocation for European unity and sang the song of Lord Maitreya. Since it was raining, all tourists stayed under the arcades and we had the place around the central globe for us.

A walk through along the river Aar and lunch in a typical Alsacian restaurant concluded the five days of this May Call group living.


Video “The Aquarian Zodiac”

May 22nd, 2016

The clip “The Aquarian Zodiac” was realised by Sebastián Rey Aristomuño (Lipikas Production) from Buenos Aires, in cooperation with me, on the basis of the “Images of Synthesis“. It is released now on the occasion of the celebration of the Master May Call (29 May) a video-clip is released in homage to Master CVV.
Thank you Seba for the good cooperation!


Two Stories about Kala Naga Incarnations

May 20th, 2016

While proof-reading and working on the German translation of the Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam – the biography about the life of Sripada Srivallabha (1320-1350), the first Avatar of Lord Dattatreya in Kali Yuga (I told you about it before), I work on an index of persons. The book contains numerous incredible events and there are also hints about future events and incarnations of people. Many of them already happened by now in previous centuries. When searching them on the web, especially in Wikipedia, I came across some extraordinary stories; two of them I would like to share here.

In the book there is a story of Madhava, a person who had died and was brought back after some time to life by a yogi, Palaniswami, through whom Sripada was working. Together with Palaniswami and the author of the book, Madhava goes into a deep meditation. In his subtle body, he meets Sripada who sends him to the nether worlds. There he encounters many Kala Nagas doing intense meditations and he speaks with two of them. (Kala Nagas are holy serpents living in subtle form in the nether worlds, Patala Loka.)

When Madhava later comes back to Sripada, the latter tells him: “One of the serpents that spoke with you will take birth as Jyoti Ramalinga Swami in the ensuing centuries. It will disappear also in the shape of radiant light. The other serpent that spoke to you will be born on the earth in the centuries to follow with the name of Sada Siva Brahmendra and demonstrate many miracles.”

When I searched Wikipedia I found that Ramalinga Swamigal, also called Vallalar, lived in the 19th century (5 October 1823 – disappeared on 30 January 1874). He was one of the most famous Tamil saints and also one of the greatest Tamil poets of the 19th century. There are interesting points about his life. Among them: “In 1867 he established a center for feeding the poor people. On the inaugural day he lit the fire of the stone stove, with a declaration that the fire be ever alive and the needy shall be fed forever… The oil lamp lit by him is kept perpetually burning.”
And further: “Perhaps one of the most notable factors of this sage is the claim that he supposedly attained a divinization of the physical body. He attained a total of 3 transformations. His first transformation was the transformation of his normal human body into the Perfect Body, between the supposed attributes of this body are total invulnerability to everything thus rendering him effectively immortal and impervious to any kind of damage as well as having the attributes of being omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient this body is apparently made of Divine Light. …
Ramalingar raised the flag of Brotherhood on his one-room residence Siddhi Valakam in Mettukuppam on October 22, 1873. He gave his last and most famous lecture, entreating his audience to undertake a spiritual quest and look into the “nature of the powers that lie beyond us and move us,” and asking them to meditate on the lighted lamp from his room, which he placed outside. …
On January 30, 1874, (he) entered the room and locked himself and told his followers not to open it. He said that even if they did open it they would find nothing… His seclusion spurred many rumors, and the Government finally forced the doors open in May. The room was empty, with no clues. The Madras District Gazetteer published by the South Arcot District in 1906 records his disappearance.”


The other Kala Naga serpent, Sada Siva Brahmendra, had an even more astonishing life. He lived in the 17th to 18th century and was a great saint, a composer of Carnatic music and an Advaita philosopher who lived near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Read the article in Wikipedia. Here are 2 short events:

“While meditating on the banks of the Cauvery river, he was carried away by a sudden flood. Weeks later, when some villagers were digging near a mound of earth, their shovels struck his body. He woke up and walked away.”


“Once the naked sannyasi was seen walking right through a Muslim harem of a Nawab. As a brahma-jnani who sees nothing but brahman everywhere, he would not distinguish between the different human figures which cross his path nor would he be distracted by the sights or noises that his environment may present to him. It was in this state of trance that he was walking along. He, the naked sannyasi, walked straight into the harem, entering it at one end and walking out at the other all the while walking through a maze of inmates of the Nawab’s harem. The news reached the nawab, he had his men chase him, they cut off both his hands as he was walking along, the hands fell off and … still he was walking along silently as if nothing had happened. The Nawab got scared, picked up the hands that had been severed, ran to the Sage and offered them in total remorse. The sage stopped his walking, the severed hands were restored to their place, the hands became normal and the sage walked away! There was no conversation.”


An Afternoon Walk in Lauterbrunnen – Falling Light and Deep Precipices

May 12th, 2016

Last Sunday there was radiant sunshine. Around noon time my wife proposed that we should go for an excursion to Lauterbrunnen at the feet of Mount Jungfrau. It’s about 80 km from our home. Already on the highway there was a fantastic view of the Alps. And it got more impressive the more we approached. Lauterbrunnen is famous for a number of high waterfalls, especially the Staubbachfall (literal translation: dust brook falls; nearly 300 m descent). We parked our car directly near the falls – and it was breathtaking. The falls looked like falling light – the spray was radiant white and came down like falling angels.

I was surprised that there were not more tourists but it still was not yet main season – just some Indians, Japanese and Europeans were hiking or biking. We chose a road along the valley forbidden for cars. The air was filled with the sounds of the falls or the bells of cows. Some old sheds stood on the meadows behind which the towering walls of the mountains rose on either side of the valley. Through a side valley one could look up to Mount Jungfrau, the other mountains were hidden behind the promontories. We crossed a river and went to the Trümmelbach falls – a river coming down from the Jungfrau in a steep gorge with a number of waterfalls inside the mountain. We went up half way with a cog railway inside the mountain. And then the road led through kind of a canyon where sometimes the daylight fell down from above. We only had shirts – inside it was quite cold and water was dripping down.

When we came out again the sun already started hiding behind the mountain and the shadows in the valley were fast growing. Cows were grazing near the road and calmly observing the joggers or grazing. Back to Lauterbrunnen we found a camping restaurant where lots of English tourists were staying in the hostel – and finally got our “evening lunch” – pizza and pasta.

Like clouds falling into the valley – or angels descending?

Gemini – Group Consciousness, Merging and Emerging

May 12th, 2016

Meditation creates an energy field around us. When done in a group it is much more effective. By uttering OM as a group it builds a huge funnel into the sky and brings in sublime energies. It has to be a prolonged intonation with full intent. In silence we can receive the energies descending from above. In this, the individual consciousness might experience group consciousness or even universal consciousness.

To depict this process, I used a photo of a group living which I fused with layers of blue. In the foreground I created a field of various light balls with the help of photos of oil lamps, city lights and flames. It symbolises the process of merging of the individual souls into group consciousness. The individual units ascend through a funnel to a point of light from where radiant white and blue rays emerge. Thus, the group is receiving the downpour of light and is uplifted.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.


An Inner Pilgrimage to my Kuruvapuram

May 6th, 2016

I sometimes took you with me on my journeys with my travel blogposts. I haven’t blogged much the last time for I was often away on an inner pilgrimage. No, it was not a kind of daydreaming or being “lost in space”. The pilgrimage led me through “virtual reality” though not with multiplayer gaming nor with data glasses – this latest fad of virtual reality, very en vogue at the moment, keeps the people stuck in sensual planes of an insipid taste, like amplified with artificial flavour enhancers.

I was carried away by the German translation of the Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam which I finished 2-3 weeks ago. I told you about it before, when I came into contact with this book about the life of Sripada Srivallabha (1320-1350), the first Avatar of Lord Dattatreya in Kali Yuga, in autumn 2014.

I will tell you more about this experience later, when the book will be published in German – it was a long and profound inner journey, a most profound pilgrimage, a kind of excavation. It was like walking through some archaeological site doing diggings through deep layers of time and of unknown worlds. To begin with, I had to fuse three English translations of the Telugu publication into a text-base for the German version, and a friend is working with it on the Spanish translation.

The English texts were like a rough road with many terms and concepts I first could not decipher. A good Indian guide now living in Africa showed up and gave me keys to an understanding. I wrote heaps of footnotes now enhancing the translation. And now, towards the end, I worked out a big register of the many persons, adding short comments, a kind of Who’s Who of the book – you might get lost in the more than hundred persons you come across, not to mention the many divine beings. And to complicate the matter, some persons have several names and of course changing names in successive incarnations. For me it was like finding a diamond when I discovered the name of a then future incarnation which was not given in the book by his now well-known name (Lahiri Mahasaya) but given by his native name.

This unearthing was part of the pilgrimage though not the essence. The essence was an incredible inner touch and guidance which did not end with the translating and typing. It influences my feeling of life, my meditations, my way of thinking. Kuruvapuram, the name I mention in the title of this blogpost, is the name of the place where Sripada lived the second part of his life. I haven’t been there yet but for me it is like I know it. Is it present, is is past where I am? Is it in creative imagination? I don’t think so.

Being fascinated by a book is different from encountering a more profound reality with the help of a book. You find Kuruvapuram on the map. A friend even visited it; he had profound inner experiences there and shared his photos with me. It is a very magnetic, brilliant place in the inner, though in the outer there is not much of it visible. But the physical place is just an anchor in time and space for a sublime dimension. My pilgrimage led me there and profoundly touched me.

In the “Charitamrutam” it says that living in Kashi (Benares) or Pithikapuram (Pithapuram, the place where Sripada was born) is different from living there in the subtle, golden Kashi or Pithikapuram. It is where you are living with your heart, not with the body. The outer might even distract you from the inner, like a veil. As already the Little Prince from Saint Exupéry said, “One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

It is more than just seeing, it is being there in the be-ness. And this pilgrimage does not end with the book, also the book is just a cipher pointing to the inner place of the pilgrimage. And many might see the veils of the place hinted by the book but will never enter.

Thank you, Robert, for the photos.

View towards the island of Kuruvapuram in the Krishna River


Statue of Lord Dattatreya


8 May: White Lotus Day in remembrance of Helena P. Blavatsky

May 5th, 2016

8 May is celebrated as the White Lotus Day, the day of the passing of Mme Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891). A day to remember this great messenger of Light who opened the doors of the Aquarian age – I blogged about it the years before. Please find here some words about her from the book “The Theosophical Movement“, by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar.
And below there is a well-known photo of the Lady in “Maycot”, London 1887. Have a good White Lotus Day

“Periodically man gets an opportunity to move into the Divine Wisdom and thereby to realize his own identity. The identity of every being is that he is a Son of God. Through cycles of time man forgets that he is a Son of God and again through cycles of time he is recollected that he is a Son of God. Time cyclically brings to us the wisdom. One such cycle of time which we know is the Theosophical Movement, brought to us by Madam H.P. Blavatsky, and hence we shall have to be grateful to her. She has brought light once again to humanity, from certain sublime centres of humanity. The wisdom did not flow from H.P. Blavatsky, but it flew through her. It could flow through her because she became a good channel to the wisdom. Without her becoming a channel or without her getting magnetized, she could not have given the wisdom to the world…

There was an opportune time around the end of the 19th century where wisdom decided to dawn itself. Then they found a vehicle pure enough, transparent enough, brilliant enough to reflect the wisdom, that is the vehicle whom we call Madam H.P. Blavatsky. She is the one through whom the wisdom could reach humanity from the Masters of Wisdom. Remember that even the Masters of Wisdom are not the givers. They act according to the purpose coming from the Higher Centres. It is the understanding of time that they carry and accordingly when it is dawn for humanity the light is transmitted…

In the words of the Masters, Madam Blavatsky was the purest vehicle available to them on the planet to transmit wisdom. The purity of her vehicle can be seen through the eyes which she carries, transparent and brilliant. She could control articles, persons with her eyes; that is the power she carried in her eyes. Where from has it come? It has come over a period of years of hard work. She always preferred to remain incognito and work. It is not necessary that she should be known to us. The Initiates don’t have the glamour that they should be known. She has been a colleague of Mary for 5000 years. She has chosen herself to be known only now, and even now very little is known about her. While the first disciple to Master Djwhal Khul is Mary, the second disciple to Master Djwhal Khul is H.P. Blavatsky. They have been accepted almost in the same year. Madam Blavatsky is as ancient as Mary and as pure as Mary. She was chosen to spread the New Age Wisdom upon the planet. The preparatory work she went through, nobody knew. Also we do not know how much Mary worked to be so pure. To give birth to a Saviour requires purity of a very high degree. Not all people can give birth to high souls. For the high souls to descend, pure vehicles are required. Vehicles have to be prepared for the descent of the Higher Ones. Even in our own case the three vehicles have to be kept pure for the birth of the soul, which is like the birth of the Saviour. Such is the vehicle Madam H.P. Blavatsky carried. It became possible to move the Divine Wisdom (Theo-Sophia) once again on the planet, due to the transparency of the threefold vehicle of H.P. Blavatsky.”

Helena P. Blavatsky in “Maycot”, London 1887

Taurus – The Higher Bridge and the Awakening of the Third Eye

April 12th, 2016

To be able to perceive the energy structures in the subtle spheres you need to develop the inner sense organs and purify your system through right living and spiritual practices. There are several energy centres in the body. In the process of unfoldment, a bridge is built between the pineal and the pituitary linking the related subtle centres. When this bridge of brilliant light is built, the centre of the third eye opens and allows subtle perception. When the consciousness is further raised, a connection to the centre at the top of the head gets established.

The centre of the third eye is related to Taurus; it is called the “eye of the bull” and it governs the power of clairvoyance. In the cosmos, it corresponds to the star Aldebaran.

To visualise these subtle realities I made a “selfie” of the upper part of my head. I superimposed a picture of Aldebaran with the surrounding stars of Taurus and constructed the bridge of light and the third eye with the help of other stars. I depicted the head centre by transforming the picture of a flower changing the shape of the petals to a mountain scenery. Then I worked on the colours and the radiance.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.


Mariela’s Dream – Aquarius Makes Visions Come True. A Video

April 2nd, 2016

Aquarian energies don’t need to be consciously understood. They penetrate all life on our planet. They are linked to the element of air. They bring about expansion into space and make visions come true.

Here is a nice commercial of the South American LAN Airlines which is certainly not realised to illustrate principles of the Aquarian age. But you can easily see these qualities in the video. It is about Mariela, an indigenous girl from Peru dreaming to sing in the clouds – and her dream comes true for her and some friends with the help of LAN…

Photo from the video (c)