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A Solar Ballet – Insights into the Life of Our Sun

February 23rd, 2015

The NASA has just published a timelapse video to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The video shows impressive highlights from the last five years of sun watching, or 1826 days in space. The observatory provides incredibly detailed images of the Sun 24 hours a day. You can see giant clouds of solar material hurled out into space, the dance of giant loops hovering in the corona, and huge sunspots growing and shrinking on the Sun’s surface.

By watching the sun in different wavelengths – and therefore different temperatures – scientists watch how material courses through the corona. They want to understand the clues to what causes eruptions on the sun, what heats the Sun’s atmosphere up to 1,000 times hotter than its surface, and why the Sun’s magnetic fields are constantly on the move.

Looking at the pulsating heart of our solar system, we also have to realise that this is only the outer aspect of the Sun which, according to the Eastern wisdom consists of three different dimensions. The physical Sun is like a lense giving expression to the heart or soul of the Sun, and to the spiritual sun. The new book of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar about “SUN – THAT I AM” (PDF) gives a profound insight into these subtle dimensions:

“When we think of Sun we need to think of the very consciousness, which is the basis of our solar system. Each one of us is but a unit of consciousness. Each one of us is a micro Sun. The other name for this consciousness is ‘I AM’. When we speak of Sun we speak of I Am consciousness. In other words we are speaking of ourselves. The self in you and in me is no different from the self of the Solar Angel. It is but the same consciousness manifested in different dimensions and magnitudes. The essence of the Sun and us is but one and the same. We are no different from our Sun. Let us learn to see the Sun as no different from I Am. The Veda says, “The Sun I see and I Am are but one.”

NASA _ SDO_ Year 5
Photo from the video (c) NASA

Pisces – The Tablet of the Universe

February 19th, 2015

In Eastern wisdom, the content of space is called Akasha. The impressions of the past cycles of life are recorded in the ‘Akashic records’, a kind of subtle photography. In ‘Spiritual Astrology’, Pisces represents this ‘tablet of the universe’ on which an initiate can read the past, present and future of the whole creation. Pisces also preserves the information about the human frame and its relationship with the frame of the cosmic man, which is hidden in the depths of our consciousness.

To illustrate the opening of the sacred content of space with its subtle records, I used an image of the stained glass windows of a Gothic cathedral, which I transformed and duplicated. For the cosmic man I extracted from an Indian painting the face of Ishvara, the Master consciousness of the universe and in our own being. On his forehead, you see the path of light connecting the pineal and pituitary – the representatives of the two fishes of Pisces. And above there is the crown of the head centre.

Below, I placed the “blue marble” of our Earth as the sphere of our life. I super-imposed the image of an embryo, symbolizing that our frame is made in the image and likeness of the cosmic man and that it is in a process of unfoldment.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, who helps us to merge our lower consciousness (personality) into the higher consciousness or group-consciousness. I used a photo of Neptune to create the background of the image and to give it the mystic note, for Neptune is the soul of our solar Logos and is linked to the cosmic soul of our universe.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.

17 November 2014, pencils and photo work

The Heart of the Earth – New Insights of Science and Ancient Wisdom Teachings

February 11th, 2015

An Indian friend from the States, Vijay, sent me the link to an article of BBC News about new insights of science into the heart of our heart, its inner core. Vijay wrote:

“This is very similar to what we studied from Master EK’s Spiritual Psychology book few weeks ago. Master EK described that the earth used to have its north pole in the sun first and then it had a 90 degree shift and now has its north pole in the pole star. I thought it is interesting that this new research seems to align well with Master’s words.”

The article shows that researchers from the USA and China suggest that the innermost core of our planet has another, distinct region at its centre: The structure of the iron crystals seems to be different from those found in the outer part of the inner core. Since you cannot drill into the centre, which lies 5000 km beneath our feet, the scientists analysed echoes generated by earthquakes to see how they change as they travel through the different layers of our planet. “The seismic wave data suggests that crystals in the “inner inner core” are aligned in an east-to-west direction – flipped on their side, if you are looking down at our planet from high above the North Pole…. The core, which lies more than 5,000km down, started to solidify about a billion years ago – and it continues to grow about 0.5mm each year. ”

We read the book “Spiritual Psychology” in our English online study group. In the chapter “Poles on Earth” it says:

“When the Earth was in its child state, it had its upper pole in our Sun and the lower pole in the region of the then existing North pole. During that period, this Earth was only a half-globe with its one pole, i.e. the North pole. That pole was towards the Sun and the half-globe was going round the Sun with its circular base away from the Sun. At that time a group of intelligences descended upon our Earth from Venus and another group from Mars. Both of them worked out through love nature and those from Mars worked out the interactions of the material of the half-globe. By the time this process was complete, there was the birth of the second pole or South pole. By that time the Earth had undergone a tilt and the North pole deviated from our Sun to our Pole Star. From that time onwards the Earth began rotating with its equator facing the Sun. The tilt was about 90°. This change occurred also in every atom of this Earth globe. Every atom received the two poles.”

The layers of our earth. Source: Wikipedia

Illustration from the book “The Teachings of Kapila“, by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, giving the orientation of the earth in its etheric state to the Sun. Kapila is the ancient-most teacher on earth.

“Music of the Soul” – A Video Documentary

February 2nd, 2015

We have just uploaded a documentary about the life and teachings of four Masters who received and transmitted the Aquarian energies to the planet and to the planetary beings: Master CVV (1868-1922), Master MN (1883-1940), Master EK (1926-1984) and Master KPK (born 1945). They gave out the most ancient wisdom of yoga to the modern age in a most suitable manner, embedding therein the energies that descended from higher circles. The documentary focuses mainly on Master CVV and Master EK. You can view the documentary in six parts – you find a presentation of all the videos on the WTT website and the WTT videos on YouTube.


0001 Part 1: Master CVV, the Avatar of Synthesis: Master CVV, also regarded as the Avatar of Synthesis, is an advanced disciple of the Sage Agastya, who is also known in the Theosophical circles as Master Jupiter, residing in the Nilagiris or the Blue Mountains of South India.  In 1910, he received from higher circles the Energy of Synthesis that visited him through Halley‘s Comet, enabling him to transmit the Aquarian energies.

0002 Part 2: Master EK. Origin, Childhood and Youth: Master E.K. grew in the Vedic wisdom under the personal guidance of his father. He was a natural poet and writer. As he lost his mother in his early age, he was receiving a kind of motherly nourishment by worshipping the World Mother Gayatri. This led him proximate to the Mother’s energy.

0003 Part 3: Master EK. The Years of Preparation. Master MN. The Fiery Flame: In Master EKs 24th year Master CVV appeared to him while meditating. This opened the Path in his life. He identified himself with the work of world goodwill and the Planetary Hierarchy in 1953. He was linked up with the Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom in 1958.  Master EK was minutely guided by Master MN on the subtle plane. Master MN is a true representative of the yoga of Master CVV and conducts the yoga of the Master on a global scale in a fiery form.

0004 Part 4: Master EK. The Work of Teaching and Healing: Master E.K. has been chosen to work in tune with the Plan of the community of the Enlightened Ones addressed as ‘The Hierarchy’. Besides manifesting the Aquarian Energies, Master E.K. was also entrusted with the age-old teaching and healing work. He wrote more than 50 books ranging from commentaries on Scriptures to homeo-science and health.  The work of group building commenced in a very significant way from 1977. Wherever he went, taught, and healed, groups emerged to follow the Path.

0005 Part 5: Master EK. Cooperation with Master KPK: To conduct an organized activity relating to the work that emerged from Master EK, the World Teacher Trust was given birth to in 1971, in memory of the great World Teacher Lord Maitreya. Slowly, as the work grew, the organization also grew. For more than 18 years he worked together with Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar (Master KPK), who accompanied him on his journeys to Europe.

0006 Part 6: Departure of Master EK. Master KPK: Global Unfoldment: In 1981, Master EK invited Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar (Master KPK) to carry out with him the task concerning the spiritual fusion of East and West. In March 1984, Master EK unexpectedly left his physical sheath and left a great number of unfinished projects behind.  Master KPK took over the tasks. He works actively in the economic, social and cultural fields with spirituality as the basis. He is a source of inspiration for self-transformation and for social service to more than 100 groups in 24 countries spread over India, Europe, North, Central and South America.


Beauty of Winter

January 29th, 2015

The weekend I like to air and have a walk where the gaze can wander to the horizon – it feels like expanding the soul.

Last weekend we had a walk in Ried near Worb, about 10 km from our home. There was a bluish brilliance in the air and the sun reflected from the fresh white snow. When I looked at the farmhouse where we had parked our car I saw a gallery of big cowbells hanging at the window.

We went up the hill and there was a gorgeous panorama. At first the road was clean but then we entered a small path where the fresh snow scrunched under our feet. The village of Biglen was sleeping in the afternoon sunshine. On a meadow a small ski-lift transported children and parents up the hill – the air was filled with their voices.

We went over a white field towards a farmhouse and then returned walking towards the sun. When we came along the backyard of a farm some icicles were hanging to the gutter.

Picture to the Month: Aquarius – Apollo and the Song of Light

January 22nd, 2015

On a very subtle plane, colour and sound converge and become one. This plane is related to Aquarius and to a supra-cosmic musical intelligence whom the Vedas call Vena the Gandharva. The Vedas say, he merrily sings the “song of light”. The Greek Apollo is no other than Vena; through his influence the sound- and light principles of the higher planes are expressed in identical scales.

Meditating on these correspondences, an image arose in me of Apollo with a musical instrument super-imposed on his face and light pouring down from above.

For the painting I chose a black and white photo of a head of Apollo and converted it into light yellow. I found the picture of a beautiful classical instrument, the “Viola d’Amore” (Viola of Love). It is used like a violin and has a sweet, warm sound. There are 6 or 7 playing strings on the top and the same number of “sympathetic strings” below – a beautiful symbol of the 6 pairs of signs of the zodiac or of the 7 planes of creation in the manifest and in the subtle spheres. I placed the instrument on the face of Apollo so that the upper part with the pegs and the head is like a stair towards the spheres of light. There is a second viola merging with the face of Apollo and a part of a nearly invisible third one surrounding the head like an aureole.

For the background, I first took a photo of Uranus and merged it with another one of a star cluster from the constellation Aquarius. Though you don’t recognize these elements anymore, they are there in the “background” of this painting. And the light coming from above looks like pouring down from out of the nearly invisible Aquarian pot.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.

Aquarius - Apollo and the Song of Light

Aquarius – Apollo and the Song of Light

A High-Definition Panoramic View of the Andromeda Galaxy

January 22nd, 2015

NASA has published the sharpest composite image ever taken of our galactic next-door neighbour, the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). It is a bird’s-eye view of a portion of the galaxy and has been created with 7,398 exposures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope over 411 individual pointings.

In their publication, they write about this image: “Though the galaxy is over 2 million light-years away, the Hubble telescope is powerful enough to resolve individual stars in a 61,000-light-year-long stretch of the galaxy’s pancake-shaped disk. It’s like photographing a beach and resolving individual grains of sand. And, there are lots of stars in this sweeping view — over 100 million, with some of them in thousands of star clusters seen embedded in the disk.”

Click on the picture below to get a larger view of the galaxy or see the zoom-version at the Hubble site.

Andromeda Galaxy

Credit: NASA, ESA, J. Dalcanton, B.F. Williams, and L.C. Johnson (University of Washington), the PHAT team, and R. Gendler

Guru Puja: Scenes and Images

January 14th, 2015

Each year, the Guru Puja celebrations follow a similar structure of rituals and program items. So the second day early morning, the members from the West were invited to come to the dais for meditation. Sitting in the focal point of the energies is always a special experience.

Later, there was the water ritual in honour of Lord Rudra with its rhythmic, vibrant Vedic chants, while the lingam, symbol of the manifestation of divine Will, was decorated in a sublime manner. The ritual was followed by the session of the Fusion of East and West. Four members of the Western brotherhood were asked onto the dais. This year, Sri Kumar had chosen members who had never spoken before to share their experience. It was inspiring to listen to their words. Sri Kumar also explained to the audience the publication work going on in the west and presented the latest publications from the last year.

In the afternoon some Indian members spoke about their experiences, mostly in Telugu. And the evening concluded with another lecture followed by the arati with the camphor light.

Tuesday morning it was very cold – more than the other days which were also quite fresh. Sri Kumar mentioned that this cold is more than usual but, “We complain when it is too hot or too cold. At this last day of Guru Pujas let us enjoy this cold…” And referring to the sublime invisible beings present, he pointed out, “Only because we don’t see the great Masters we think they are not there.”

After meditation and the morning lecture of Sri Kumar on the 12th labour of Hercules, the ladies prepared for the Lalitha Puja. This puja is just conducted by the ladies in honour of the divine Mother. Under the melodic intonations, the ladies decorated an image of the divine Mother with red and golden yellow powder. These pujas always create a very vibrant and sublime ambiance.

When the puja ended drums and horns resounded from the backside: A small procession with a newly-wed couple approached for receiving the blessings of the Master. I felt like a paparazzi standing there in front of the dais with the many photographers capturing the auspicious moment of the young couple.

In the afternoon there was the last discourse of Sri Kumar, followed by the evening meditation and the Pada Puja, the traditional ceremony to honour the teacher by worshipping his feet. On the first sight, this ceremony might be a bit irritating to a western mind but it has a profound significance: the feet of the divine are understood as symbols of the lowest part of the Highest (the divine) touch the highest part of the humans (the head centre).

Today the journey home will start – filled with inspiring impressions and enriched by many profound teachings and encounters.


The Beginning of the Guru Puja Celebration

January 11th, 2015

Saturday morning, the group went to Simhachalam to visit the temple on the top of the hill. Before the journey, Sri Kumar explained that it is the only temple in India where Varaha, the avatar in the form of a boar is worshipped, together with Narasimha, the avatar in the form of a man-lion. The occult meaning is, the divine energy lifts us up from being blocked in the matter, the base centre, first to the heart and then to the head centre. Varaha, the boar, is symbolised as giving this lift-up through his brilliant tusks, and Narasimha opens the pillar of the vertebral column, so that we can enter from the heart centre and ascend via the throat and the brow to the top of the head.

We got the darshan of the embodiment of the divine in form of a lingam in the innermost of the temple. There the Lord is established together with the World Mother called Sri. The ambiance was vibrating while the rhythmic sounds of the mantric chants reverberated through the air.

Afterwards we descended into the valley via the long stairway. Many pilgrims were around – some groups were chanting and clasping cymbals, while some men were pushing up the stairs a “holy cow” which seemed to be not enjoying this ascent. They were massaging its legs before with a push the cow was further drawn up the stairway.

In Simhachalam the preparations for the Guru Pujas were going on. This year the site is at a new place near the pond. Many volunteers were setting up the hall and the area for the dining hall. It was impressing to see how within a few hours they transformed the whole site into a beautiful festival group.

At 5.30 Master Kumar came to inaugurate the 54 celebrations of Master CVV Guru Pujas. Vedic chantings were intonated while he saluted the Masters of Wisdom present through their images on the altar and garlanded a statue of Master CVV. Then the evening prayer started. Afterwards, he gave an introduction to the group living. Group members from many groups all over India and the West have come together to stay here for three days and nights with the aspiration to reorient and to lift themselves up to the Light with the help of the energy of the divine Presence.

The Sunday morning celebrations started with the Ganesha ritual conducted by Kumari-Garu, followed by the intonation of other worship songs. After the morning prayer the Master presented some new book releases: a small booklet by Master EK, “Good Luck”, with thoughts about spiritual astrology. A book on “Sun”, a lecture given in 1990 at Andhra University in Visakhapatnam. Sri Kumar also wrote books on Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Uranus. He mentioned that in 4 colleges in the United States these books have been included in their syllabus. A reprint of the book on Uranus and also Saturn Regulations of Master CVV were also released, together with a book on “The teachings of Lord Maitreya”, published during December Call – 108 statements taken from the Vaisakh Newsletter. Further some Telugu books – a book on Lalitha Sahasranama Stotra and on Gurupaduka Stotra.

The talks of the Guru Puja continue the series of the previous years on the Labours of Hercules. This time, Sri Kumar started with the lesson on the 8th Labour of Hercules relating to Scorpio, telling the story about the killing of the Hydra and giving explanations. The other labours till the 12th labour will be the content of the next lessons.

After breakfast, a group of small children was introduced into first writing and the intonation of OM Namah Sivaya, the mantram for developing an enlightened will. Later the fire ritual was conducted invoking the presence of the devas for the upliftment of the beings. Later there was the new releases of books by Master EK by the team of Kulapati Editions until noon.

Group Living: Small Excursions and End of the Seminar

January 9th, 2015

Today was the final session of the seminar and the good-bye ceremony. From tomorrow on, we will be at the Guru Puja celebration at Simhachalam, only returning late in the night to the retreat centre.

The last days were intense seminar days interspersed with small excursions. Wednesday we visited a service centre of the WTT, where daily about 150 needy people are taken care of by food distribution and where also free health consultations and professional training courses are held. Then we went to the Bala Bhanu School. Two months ago, I had seen the devastations of the Hudhud cyclone. Now we were very much astonished how well the surroundings of the school had been restored. Although in the neighbourhood you could see the traces of destruction – mainly remains of fallen trees – the school made a very good impression.

The students just had their exam day and all were in their classes busily writing. We had a look into all classes and then a short exchange with the teachers.

In the afternoon we visited the Theosophical Society (TS) of Visakhapatnam, one of the oldest in India. The new head of the TS feels very much inspired by the teachings of Master EK (Dr. E. Krishnamacharya) who had been given lectures in the premises in the 70s/80s. Their temple had been destroyed by the cyclone and you could still see a lot of dust around.

Yesterday we went to Ramadri, the temple site of the WTT about 20 km outside of Visakhapatnam. We could not see the Planetary Healing Centre, it seems that the devastations of the cyclone had destroyed number of trees.

At Ramadri we were very much astonished how well the site had been redone. The roof of the small buildings of the Mithila school for poor children had been redone, all the little temples and the buildings freshly painted and the garden beautifully set up again. Also the small shrines were reset to order and were shining in fresh brilliance.

The children gave us a warm welcome. We then walked around on the large compound and visited the new “Gosala”, the cowshed where now 60 cows are held. Their milk is distributed to the school children and poor people in the surrounding. Then we assembled in the amphitheatre, where Sri Kumar and Kumari-Garu distributed clothes to the school children. Afterwards Sri Kumar gave a talk and the children presented some Vedic recitations. When we had our evening prayer with the beautiful view over the ocean, groups of birds were flying through the sky which displayed sublime shades of pink and violet.