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Impressions from the Group Living in the Pyrenees

Here are some photo impressions from the May Call seminar in Núria, Spanish Pyrenees. It was a great group living and Nature showed a full array of different kinds of weather: We had thunderstorms, beautiful sun, a strong storm where we had to leave the assembly tent, and just wind with sand – we felt really close to Nature and filled with strong spiritual energies.

The little lake of Núria and the meadow, where our tent for 350 people was located.

Below the lake – an old bridge over the mountain river

Magic of a moon-set in the early morning over the tent

Mystic dawn on May Call Day morning

A blue sky is welcoming us, after two days of rain and clouds, with temperatures below zero. Like always on May Calls the devas cooperate with fine weather.

May Call sunrise, full of radiant energy

Fire Ritual

Sri Kumar before giving a talk to the group

A big “family reunion”

Over the mountain top a group of eagles is circulating. Sri Kumar once said that often Masters take to the form of animals like eagles to bestow blessings. A marvellous scene

A curious picture with a blue object on the top of the tent, taken at 23’00 h by a participant who was walking down from the youth hostel. It looks like an antenna or a big blue radar.

Mountain scenery near the hotel

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  1. V V B S MURTHY Says:

    the blue radiant dish antenna like magnificance seem to be some sort of unrevealed supernatural act. Needs some study. I feel really amazed on seeing some of the pictures which have a great depth in them and giving out silent messages. try to catch them.

    with regards,

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