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May Call Day Celebration

Today, 29th May, is May Call, the festival of group initiation, which Master CVV initiated in 1910. Since then it is celebrated every year. This year’s celebration of the World Teacher Trust is in NĂºria, in the Spanish Pyrenees, where we have assembled with about 350 group members from all over the world for a week of group living. These annual meetings are always very inspiring (see my post from last year).

The last days we had a lot of rain and heavy clouds. This morning, like in other May Call days, the sky is blue without any clouds, and it is very cold.

On the occasion of this celebration I would like to humbly publish the second cycle of the “Images of Synthesis“, which have been done between February and May 2010. You can download the whole series with music as a powerpoint or see them in an online slideshow.

Messengers of Synthesis: Master CVV and Master EK.

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