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A Question of Perception

Concerning the present stock market crash there was a nice anecdote from the times of the crash of 1929 in our local newspaper:

In the States an immigrant built up a little business. He worked hard and slowly met with success. Years later he was asked if he didn’t have problems during the time of the crisis.¬† Depression?, he answered. Oh no, he didn’t feel anything. In the beginning he didn’t understand any word of English and therefore didn’t read the newspapers. So he didn’t know that there was a crisis…

The same “imperceptibility” is true with the path of light: For most people it simply doesn’t exist. They go on making their experiences in the outer world and go through the related difficulties. Some are using the occasion which time offers now, they align with the soul and discover their inner potentials. For them the Aquarian age is becoming a reality – for the others the time of darkness continues. You might like to have a look at the Lunar Messenger on “Meditation for the Aquarian Age“.

The entrance of the Swiss National Bank in Berne, where a great amount of gold is stored in the basement. The money of the bank is now also used to counteract the present crisis of the UBS bank.
Inspired by an initiative of an American group of meditators I planted a little rose quartz heart into the flower-bed right in front of the bank about 10 years ago, with the thought that the energies of money and gold might be directed to evolutionary purposes.

2 Responses to “A Question of Perception”

  1. sébastien Says:

    nice idealistic vision from 6th ray…
    but i dare your little cristal was not strong enough to counteract the massive force of money… at least, it is a luminous sand grain in the system that bring a 0,1% compromising the whole darkness of the system!

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    I didn’t even imagine having any result in the world of banking at all, I did it just out of sympathy with the thought of expressing an impulse of transformation.

    I was reminded of a beautiful episode in the great Indian epic Ramayana, where, when Rama, the divine hero, was starting to build a bridge to Lanka with the help of his troups in order to destroy the demon Ravana, there was a little squirrel on the beach, who turned his back into the sand, went into the water to shed the sand and run back to the beach. When asked by Rama what he was doing, the squirrel replied, Helping you building a bridge to Lanka. Rama smiled and blessed the squirrel, saying, it doesn’t matter the amount of work being done, but the intention with which it is done.

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