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Dynamic Dance of Time

When you observe the subtle changes in the qualities of time, from day to day, you note a pulsating rhythm with manyfold vibrations in the different strata of life, showing up as events. At the moment we witness turbulences in the world of finances and power, shaking the value system. Billions, trillions of dollars seem to disappear into nothingness (see the last post). The waves of these phenomena are generated from deep-down causes of greed and, more subtle, of selfishness. And they cause virulent repercussions in the foam of the media, and more concrete in the consumption patterns, in the job situation of many people.

Besides these waves of the “financial tsunami” there are many other strata of life touching you – the general conditions of living, the surroundings of nature, the family situation… In our lives we feel the body going through processes of change and thus the physical vehicle for our expression in life changes. When you look inside, you feel inner reactions of feelings, fears of change or expectations.

And more deeply there are the innermost foundations upon which our life is built – it is not the cell structure or the atoms, bu the foundations of existence, That, which I AM. In the daily stream of events this gets easily forgotten, but we are anchored in it. And while the outer waves might go high, I feel that the rhythm of daily meditation and alignment gives a stable stand.

It seems that more storm clouds are on the horizon of time, the signs for the next years are full of thunder and lightning. Also from the energertic point described in spiritual astrology, there are indications of deep transformations ahead. All the more it is important to stay firmly grounded, rooted to the ground. A well-rooted tree easily stands a storm, especially when it stands together with others.

The rhythm of time is a dynamic dance of creation.

A statue of dancing Shiva above my desktop – symbolising the pulsating rhythm of creation.

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  1. Mitra Says:

    Just outside the context of this blog, that statue of Nataraj (Dancing Shiva) reminded me of a blogpost I read sometime ago.

    Check out when you have time.


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