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Autumn – The Vital Force Withdrawing

The autumn days are growing shorter with a great pace, and some storms have swept the trees and covered the streets with a wet, slippery foliage. Like the vital force of the trees is withdrawing inside, the mood of the time is also turning more inside. A time for more subjective work, to counter-balance the outgoing tide.

There are still a lot of faint green and golden yellow leaves on the branches, but you virtually feel that the pulse of life is receding. At work, it doesn’t seem to be be so, for the waves of activity are running high, though the peak in the project I’m managing seems to be over now.

In the morning when driving to my office the lights of the cars and the street lamps create mosaics of  specks of light, especially when it is raining. At the moment, however, the autumn sun is shedding golden rays through a blue sky. The photos show scenes from my way to the office of last Thursday.

A street light overgrown with ivy – a synthesis of nature and technology…

A play of light and darkness – street light at the entrance of the seat of the South Corean ambassador in Berne.

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