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Rendezvous with Silence

A few days ago a friend from Cameroun wrote to me (in French) about the daily morning and evening meditation / prayer times: “It’s strange to structure one’s life around two rendezvous with a 12 hour interval. I find this very structuring, and you? …”

I answered him: “Yes, it creates a structure, a resonance, a vibration. For me it is like taking a moment of a deep breath in this time of rendezvous with the silence, the soul. The daily rotating calms down. It is not a burden, but very refreshing, filling me with energy…”

It is especially important in these days of high tides of activity to keep connection with the inner self. Have a look at the Powerpoint presentation on Silence, Speech and Sound.

The daily rendezvous with silence, a time to take a rest

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