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Your Water Footprint and Visualising Virtual Water

Today I came across a hint to the website about the “water footprint” and the “Virtual Water Project“. Virtual water means the amount of water used in the production of a good or service. The water footprint is generally expressed in terms of the volume of water use of an individual or a community per year. The concept has been developed in 2002 by Arjen Hoekstra from UNESCO-Institute for Water Education IHE. You can calculate your individual water footprint (or that of a nation), based on your country and your consumption pattern, to get an idea of how much fresh water you consume. Or you can see here, how much fresh water is being produced for the production of an apple (70 litres), a glass of beer ( 75 litres) or a hamburger (2400 litres.


Designer Timm Kekeritz from traumkrieger Gmbh, created a double-sided poster, where he visualised the findings of the Virtual Water Project, “to make the issue of virtual water and the water footprint perceptible”, as he writes. Have a look at his impressive visualisation, which you can also order online.

Poster (c) Timm Kekeritz, traumkrieger GmbH.

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