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Foehn View of the Alps

Two days ago when I came from the office in the evening, there was a fantastic view of the Bernese Alps. When there is foehn, the air is sometimes extremely clear and the mountains, about 50-60 km away, seem to be close-by. There was no wind, but the whole day the weather had been below freezing point.

View from the Elfenau via Muri to the Alps, March 5th, 08

Seen from the same place with zoom: My Himalaya

Sometimes in meditation there also seems to be foehn: The mind is calm and transparent, and the subtle worlds very much present. But just like with the weather, mostly there is haze, or clouds of thoughts are blowing by, if not some rain-showers are obscuring the scene. You might like to see the powerpoint-presentation on “Recognising, Understanding and Overcoming Obstacles” for understanding more about the reasons for these “internal weather changes”.

P.S.: After reading the blog-post a friend sent me the following photo she took last year. The left mountain on the photo is the right mountain on the photo above. The right mountain on her photo in the Jungfrau (: “Virgin”, the “Top of Europe”), it shows a shadow like a giant cross, which can only be seen at a special time.


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