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Spectacular or Unpretentious Spirituality

A few days ago my wife had a “direct meeting with Jesus”: In the context of a healing situation for a close friend, a healer and channel (my wife got into contact by chance) transmitted her Jesus’ blessings. He made the proposal to visualise golden light in form of a tetrahedron or a triangular pyramid with Jesus at the top of it and my wife, her friend and the healer as the basis.
By the way, this is an age-old visualisation technique for healing.

My wife tried her best not laugh about the channel and to stay neutral; she even managed to comment with “wow” during the talk. Inwardly she still asks herself if she is totally pig-headed or if the channel is spacy.

The friend of my wife goes to a healer who channels Jesus and tells her friend what to do, and uplifts her. At the end the friend is happy, at least for a while.

We rather prefer the unspectacular way of sitting on a chair and of looking inside. The result is the same, though the “wow-effect” is not there.

For most people the unspectacular way is boring, for us it is pleasantly serene. The “spectacular spirituality” is very fascinating for many, to us, however, it seems to be superficial and to make people addicted to the next “kick”.

You cannot take it for granted that people have a relation to their own inner self. It is much more common and easy to look to the outside, to others, for guidance. There are others who try to look inside, wanting to hear voices and experience phenomena. It took us long years to understand that this, too, kept us away from our own self. It is just an inner cinema, an adventure movie, not the experience of the self. The latter is like the experience of the sun in a clear blue sky.

The Sun behind a mountain – last Sunday afternoon.

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