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Seeds of Inner Growth Sprouting

The third evening of our series of evening themes on Meditation – Experiment and Experience yesterday evening happened to be around Sagittarius full moon time. Two newcomers popped in, some returned from the previous meetings and then there were members of our local group – all together we were 13 persons. The atmosphere was very different to the last time, a Scorpio new moon. There was a good presence and resonance in the audience, and I felt a continuous flow of thoughts around the topic popping in. Before I felt like being empty, but after the alignment in meditation before the meeting I felt like being “plugged in. During the talk I was more calm and settled than the first time, and more energetic than last time. It was a good experience.

After a short repetition of the last meetings I started with the powerpoint slides of this evening, mentioning some fundamental things about spiritual practice: “Make haste slowly”, as the saying goes. There is no need of wanting to get enlightenment the other day. It is a long journey. Then we touched the topic of food and drink and the importance of service for a spiritual evolution and came to the main topic of this evening, the Path of Yoga. I spoke about the subtle bodies of man, the etheric existence and the bridge between the lower and the higher mind, between soul and personality. We had a look at the subtle energy centre, called chakras or lotuses and the kundalini.

The people were very open, and the meditation, starting with the singing of 21 times OM quickly established an energy field which most of them experienced as a deep inner silence. A newcomer said that she never had such an experience before. It was inspiring to see some seeds of inner growth sprouting.

Energy field – a statue by Swiss artist Maya Thommen

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