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A Mock Reality Bubble

Some time ago we heard that in our settlement all flats will be given notice within the next two years, so that the apartments can be renovated and rented at a higher price. So we started looking for a new flat.

Two and a half weeks ago we saw an old, but charming flat in a neighbour village, where the price wasn’t that much exorbitant like the normal level here in the area. The building manager showed it to us, it seemed that we had good chances to get the apartment, and so we applied for renting it. Some friends with a “penchant” to clairvoyance confirmed: “Yes, you will get the apartment, I’m sure about it.”

Our imagination started organising the rooms and the removal. Inwardly there was already a feeling of saying good-bye to the old flat – until yesterday morning: A letter returned our application saying that they had given preference to someone else… So the bubble burst.

Again it was astonishing for us how a desire can create an illusionary feeling of a mock-reality. We said, o.k., something else and even better might come. And will there also be some other flat-bubbles?

My wife added: “I had talks with a friend who was very much convinced that then man she met was her future new husband. I asked her how they deal with resolving problems, and she answered, that it is going very good – until half a year later the relation bubble burst: She somehow had totally suppressed the difficulties in the relation and tried to live on the easy side.” Life, however, easily gets us back out of the rosy clouds, down to earth again.


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