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High Resolution Zooming – with Google Maps or Visualisation

As reported yesterday, Bloggers have found out that Google Maps can give pictures in a much higher resolution than available with normal zooming: You zoom to a place, take the URL saying “Link to this page” into the address field of your browser. There is a parameter with which you can direct the zoom, which normally only gets to 19, to much higher values. So if you put in a higher value, you can zoom in much more – though not at all places. Here is a picture of a place somewhere in Africa with the zoom factor of 23, where you can even see the face of people looking upward, as if seeing the satellite observing. Here you have more sites with photos from space. So be careful when you are outside lying naked in the sun at a lonely beach – they might be watching you.


This zooming to places somewhere on earth reminds of what you can do with visualisation and the power of imagination. You can read more about it in the book extract on “Intuition” from the book “Saraswathi – The Word“, by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar.

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