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Computer Games against Disasters

The UN has published a computer game called “Stop Disasters” in order to sensitise people how to prevent natural catastrophies. There are scenarios of measures against conflagrations, tsunamis, hurricanes or floods. The goal of the game is to save the population in dangerous areas. This free game is a way to bridge the digital divide between the so-called developed world and third-world countries.


The UN World Food Program has also launched a game where you can help to satisfy the world hunger: Food-Force. There you not only have the game, but also information about the reality, a blog as well as a possibility to donate. And another game entitled: “Darfur is Dying” uses the means of the web to call for help stopping the crisis in Darfur. Very interesting new ways of informing about disasters and entertaining. And a great way to motivate people for goodwill actions.


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