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Sculptures of Networks and Etheric Structures

I got an e-mail from Maja Thommen, a Swiss artist living in Italy, inviting for an exposition which will be in the garden of the Parkhotel Delta in Ascona, Switzerland (the vernissage will be on April 13th, 07). (I had already written about her in a previous blogpost.) Here is a picture from this new exposition.


Though she told me that she is not working with a spiritual background, her work breathes a sensitivity for subtle perceptions of etheric structures and social relations. So see her “Little Emotional Medicine Chest“.

This photo I took at an exposition here in Muri/Berne 4 years ago could be a presentation of the incarnating soul enveloping into the dense physical tissues. You might like to read about “Etheric Existence” of the Good Will in Action-series.

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