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Enchanted Ambience

On our journey we went eastwards to Germany. In Bonn we had a short but intense encounter with young friends. Then we drove on to Wermelskirchen, to the center of WTT Germany. Our friends gave us a warm welcome. the next morning we joined the fire ritual in the garden of their house, in an enchanted ambience. There is a beautiful statue of Krishna in a little pond, where dragonflies come out of their larva skins to start a new life in the air.

Later some group members assembled for a morning study group with a lively exchange on spiritual topics, where we fellt much at home.
But in the early afternoon we already set off again norhtwards for our next visit, in the direction of Hamburg.

Little Ganesha–statue at the entrance of the house of WTT-Germany

Krishna-statue in the garden, in a little pond

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