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Enjoying Exchanges

Master CVV was known to have expressed fullness of life by regularly celebrated great dinners with many people, serving numerous courses. I was reminded of this during our visit to the Belgian group of the WTT, where we had beautiful meals in the garden, with lively conversation – besides enjoying meditations, fire and water rituals together. We had the good luck that our visit here co-incided with the birthday of a friend and with the national holiday of Belgium, so that our friends had time for exchange and for havinng joy together.

We particularly enjoyed the visit to the house of a younger member, where other young group members joined. After lunch she showed us her horse, a dear friend since many years. The mare was vividly greeting us and jumped over the field. She seemed to be pure energy, and she expressed joy seeing her human friend.

We later had a walk through the countryside, along golden fields of wheat and through a forest speckled with sunlight. It is a beautiful time of fullness and cordial exchanges. Today we will continue our journey to Germany.

Lighthouse at the Belgian coast

Candlelight on the altar

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