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Meeting an Old Companion

On our tour through Belgium and Germany we are now in Hamburg. Yesterday and today were filled with lively conversations and exchanges. It is very fascinating to have a look into biagraphies and to get a closer feeling for the steps of  experience people have walked. These are all friends with a long spiritual history and a deep search for light, a committed expression in their surroundings, integrating spiritual living with professional life.

Yesterday afternoon we joined the group meeting of the WTT group of Hamburg, where after many years we met again the old lady at whose house they meet since many years. In my exchange with her we realised that very often in our past our paths had been touching very close points. She gave me insights “from the other side of experience”, and I could share with her information, insights andexperiences from my side, about joint companions on the path. It was very touching and heartening to see how we had been strolling our ways in zig-zag movements and had observed many an event in a similar way.

Other friends had joined the meeting, and there were many impressions shared in a short time.

These talks have a great intensity, which I enjoy very much.

Path to the light – staircase in the house of our friend, where we stay at the moment.

Buddha-statue in a house of a friend we visited yesterday

Herb garden on the roof, veranda-impression

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