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Baltic Sea Ambience

Yesterday we passed a beautiful day at the Baltic Sea near Schloss Schwansee (Chateau Swansea), a former holiday residence for party cadre of the German Demacratic Republic. now transformed into a hotel. A beautiful little park with sculptures of African artists added to the charm of the scenery.

At the beach the air was filled with the fresh breeze of the sea, very relaxing. We had a beautiful swim and enjoyed sitting some time in the sun.

In the evening a friend of our friend came for a visit, and we had a lively conversation on subtle energies, healing work and integrating spirituality into daily living. Here are some impressions of nature and art in nature.

A beautiful limetree alley near Chateau Schwansee, leading to the Baltic Sea20a
Walking towards the sea

Beach at the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg

Ladybird on the beach

A fountain in front of the Chateau Schwansee

Sculpture “Family” by an African artist in the park of the Chateau

Morning light over a barn

Morning greetings from a horse

Crystal in the window

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