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Importance of Confirmation and Interest

The last weeks I encountered several situations, where I observed the importance of giving and getting confirmation – about feelings, about observations, about what I had been doing. My wife explained to me a situation from her youth, where she had experienced a difficult situation without getting the confirmation of her feelings. It was only 25 years later that the confirmation was given, releasing her from an inner pressure. I experienced similar situations in the last weeks, which first irritated me for lack of confirmation. To come out of this uncertainty I directly asked for clarification, and as soon as it was given, the feeling of irritation ceased. When talking about it my wife commented that not getting a confirmation or  getting an erroneous one can cause crises, despair and even deep wounds.

Many people are not aware about the importance of giving confirmation or feedback. It not only helps the other one to whom you respond, it also clarifies your feelings.  When you give someone a confirmation, you help establishing a good flow of interrelatedness. When you don’t do it, out of lack of thought, you create a subtle tension. This is also the case with e-mail exchange: When somebody doesn’t respond to thoughts you expressed to him or her, it can be blocking the energy exchange. On the other hand, obtaining a confirmation gives you a feeling of reliability in the relation, thus strengthening the bonds of friendship.

A similar effect is interest. In the last two months I experienced situations where the interest shown by some friends to certain situations in my life opened an inner flow. It gave me the occasion to get into touch with deep sources submerged for a long time. The interest and attention created in me such a joy that I could pass on certain things valuable to me. When no interest is there, the hidden treasures cannot unfold.

I just read a text (unpublished) of a conference by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya about preparation for death and the importance of elder people to give orientation for the younger ones. He said, it is a catastrophe for the industrialized countries that the link of continuity between the elder generation and the younger one is broken. The grand-parents often don’t have the occasion to educate the grand-children and pass on their experiences and spiritual guidance to them. Passing on is only possible, when contact and interest are there. Only then the co-existence of life through different generations can express as a living flow.

Flow and blockages: River in the Alps / Kiental near Berne

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