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Art and Sculpture Garden Destroyed by Forest Fires

I just got an e-mail with a beautiful powerpoint and the following text (link added by me):

“As an artist  myself, I am sending you the attachment to one of the world’s most  unique and deeply inspiring experiences for art and garden lovers of  all ages created by Bruno Torfs.  On Saturday the raging fires  in Victoria completely destroyed his unique forest creation taking  over 300 paintings and scuptures.  As you take a walk through  the forest on the attachment herein, please take a  moment to reflect on the beauty gone and the many people  who have lost their homes, their loved ones, their livelihoods, the  severely injured, the animal life and the dedicated firefighters,  police, civilians, and those involved in caring for the traumatized  and injured. Peccato! Schade.”

Interestingly enough, the name of this garden artist is “Torf”, a German name for peat, which is used to nourish plants…

May the powerpoint and the website keep this bygone beauty in a good memory.

Photo from the powerpoint presentation.

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