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A Surprise Seminar

This weekend we had been in Einsiedeln for a short, but very intense seminar with our spiritual teacher, Dr. K. P. Kumar. It was a very small group of 14 persons. We had been invited, but we even didn’t know that he would give lectures. So it was a surprise for us. And it were very deep talks about “The Scripture of Synthesis”. Saturday morning, he had written down 12 statements about existence, the basic truth of all that is. In the three lectures he first commented the sayings, then gave a number of stories and explanations in terms of spiritual astrology to illustrate them and make them more comprehendible. Since we were such a small group, he could go into subtleties of the teachings which normally aren’t possible in a bigger group.

Sunday morning he spoke about the life of the great initiate Vedavyasa, who lived at the times of Sri Krishna, about 5000 years ago. His final scripture, the Srimad Bhagavata, is a writing that synthesizes all knowledge and practices of discipleship otherwise known as the science of yoga. He gave a number of hints how the wisdom unveils to the one who has prepared himself and then takes in the knowledge with the right inner attitude. I was once more thrilled to  witness how he could bring these sublime teachings in a way suited to our level of understanding and illustrating them with numerous stories.

It was a hearty, leisurely ambiance, and also after the lectures, at the meals. I feel it very inspiring to listen to his expositions, uplifiting all who were present. I took notes, thought the talk went quite fast. It is my method of staying alert and focused. I hope I’ll find soon some time for corrections, in order to share the notes with friends.

Sunday morning dawn at Einsiedeln

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