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Football Mood

Last Monday after the visit to Microsoft we returned to Berne, where the city was sprinkled all over with orange – the Dutch football fans had invaded the town, a peaceful, though not silent invasion. It was quite a contrast – the cool, focused ambiance at the Microsoft center and the emotionally charged atmosphere of the fans. The tickets for the game already promised: “Expect emotions” and indeed, you could feel it.

I’m not at all a football fan and was a bit sceptical about mass hysteria, especially in the stadium. The media had fuelled it over the last weeks until overkill. But already in the corporate hospitality center, where we had our dinner, there was a hilarious, cordial mood, mainly of middle-aged people mainly in orange, with orange hats and other orange decorations – a carnival. I said to myself: “Get ready to plunge into a collective solar plexus center in upheaval.”

In the stadium the colour orange was prevalent, the blue of the Italian Azurros was mainly in one block, but obviously a minority. And normally dressed people, too.

Music and announcements heated up the public. The players came in like gladiators into a Roman Coliseum. The game began. It soon became visible that the Dutch team had an excellent group cooperation in the way they were exchanging the ball between the different players. The Italians, however, seemed to be more a collection of strong individualities. In a newspaper they later spoke about the Italian world champions as the “divas”.

The point of focus – the football – changed from one side to the other in rapid moves, but all were focused on this one point, not only the camera men all around the field, ready to catch a good shot.

The football is like the “I AM”, the point of focus of our awareness. When you are not linked to the higher self, your point of focus gets tossed around all over the field of activities. The teams – your interests – push it into ever-changing directions.

It soon became clear that the good group cooperation of the Oranjes was stronger than the individualistic strength of the world champions. The game ended 3 : 0 for the Dutch. A huge emotional outburt of joy went through nearly the whole stadium – except the Italian corners.

I also was taken by the waves of joy, but I was astonished that the Dutch fans were very civilized. When the masses left the stadium, it went quickly and in a totally ordered way. I had to review some of my prejudices.

Of course the whole was also a big marketing activity, and the sponsors claimed their rights of attention. The mascots moved over the field wishing all a good-bye.

Today at noon, when I crossed the city, it was orange all over: The fans were moving with bands through the streets, in the fan-zone the music played and warmed up the emotions for tonight’s play against France. Will the emotions of the party-mood still be there tomorrow? The Swiss were mourning the two lost games scattering all their football hopes.

Screen in the fan-zone in front of the government building

Dutch fans in the street

Orange all over

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