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Living Love – A 1000 I Love Yous

We today got a (quite long) letter from a person living in the USA, who is the founder of the Living Love Fellowship and, two sites dedicated to spiritual upliftment:

“Our mission is to encourage all men and women to live spiritual life as a WHOLE, leaving out no part of their everyday lives. Only a whole spiritual life, lived in loving relationship with God and our fellow human beings, satisfies the hearts of God’s children. And, only a whole spiritual life really WORKS.”

In his letter he writes towards the end:

“When human beingness is rightly understood, the qualities above the solid red line on the enclosed diagram will be recognized as good, useful, and even Divine; and only what is below it – delusion, selfishness, and all that is of ego will be anathematized. Then, we can preserve our beautiful humanity and use it to everyone’s mutual benefit, even while we reject ego.

Our individual well-being and the collective destiny of our race depend on the living expression of all of our truly human characteristics. As truly human humans, we would certainly heal ourselves, each other, and the world! But until and unless human nature is resurrected from the trash bin in its entire and real. goodness and Godness, we will remain ineffective in love, and in creating a world of peace and happiness.

The world needs love more than anything else – desperately needs it. And, all truth seekers sorely need to love, both universally and personally. To empower human beings to love, please join us in teaching the world that:

1. True humanity and the truly human practice of relationship are beautiful – as God would have it be.
2. As children of God, it is natural for us to love both universally and personally.
3. We cannot love each other truly if, in our mystic search for God, we turn our backs on true humanity (in ourselves, and in others).

The change in thinking that’s needed is really big – and really important. Anything you’re already doing, or are willing to do, to help this human plight would be so appreciated, and tremendously helpful.”

They are running a project called “1,000 I LOVE YOUs – Dedicated to the upliftment and healing of humanity”, where they have movie samples of different persons saying into the camera (and to you): “I love you”. It somehow touches you seeing into the eyes of these persons, expressing their love towards you.

You might also want to read the text from Basics of Spiritual Life on “Love and Loving“.


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