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The Daffodil Principle, or Start Now

After a cold day yesterday with stormy rain and sometimes even snow, this morning the sky was blue and the daffodils in the garden were glowing in the early morning light. In German the jonquils or daffodils are called “Easter Bells” – and this year also ringing in the start of the new solar year. This is much more the starting point than January 1st – March 21, the start of the sign of Aries, bringing in the energies of a new beginning.

Some time ago I got an inspiring story by an anonymous author called the Daffodil Principle (and when googling the title, there were of course a great amount of posts. I’ve posted it as a PDF and also translated it into German. It is about a woman who planted a big daffodil garden, creating something of indescribable magnificence and inspiration:

“When we multiply tiny pieces of time with small increments of daily effort, we too will find we can accomplish magnificent things. We can change the world.” – Enjoy.

This morning’s daffodil in the garden, recovering from the cold

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