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Biblical Events as if Seen by Google Earth

The Creative Review Blog has posted 4 images showing “The Bible According To Google Earth”. The pictures have been realised by the Sydney-based creative collective ”The Glue Society“, visualising scenes from the Bible as if captured by Google Earth. Four key Biblical events are portrayed as if seen from above, in “God’s Eye View”: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Moses parting the Red Sea, and The Crucifixion. The Glue Society has realized the pictures commissioned by Pulse Art for the Miami art fair.

James Dive from the Glue Society says: “We like to disorientate audiences a little with all our work. And with this piece we felt technology now allows events which may or may not have happened to be visualized and made to appear dramatically real. As a method of representation satellite photography is so trusted, it has been interesting to mess with that trust.”

Noah’s Ark, by ”The Glue Society“, from (c) Creative Review Blog (extract)

Is really seeing still believing? There is so much “virtual reality” and “reality shaping”. On the other hand, many so-called “new” imaginations and ideas exist since long in the storehouse of the global mind, even from previous ages. Many of the computer games tap on these imaginations for their visual illustrations.

The Eastern wisdom knows a state of very refined inner perception, where an initiate can “read” in the Akasha. Akasha is meaning space or ether, and the initiate who can see the Akashic recordings is said to be able to zoom back and forth in time and space, to whatever location in the present and past, thus also to “Noah’s Ark”. Even if the authenticity of Akashic reading cannot be proven by objective science, being a “subjective” research method, the many different reports about it hint at its existence.

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