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“Sky Drive”

I yesterday read about the Microsoft online service “Windows Live SkyDrive“, an online storage system, which now has 5 GB storage space for free. This service is not yet available everywhere, but at the moment in 38 countries.

I thought, oh, that’s practical as a second backup, I can access to my files without having my laptop with me – at the office or while travelling, and this even without a memory stick.

So registered and uploaded a number of files. It worked well. (Accessing at another time had some difficulties, the login page didn’t open for half an hour – so there are “limits to the sky”.)

Of course this isn’t a sure way of storing and transporting data, for others can easily read them while transmitting. But I have no top security files there. It’s another step into “virtually everywhere”. I wonder what are the strategies of Microsoft for offering these services for free – normally business people always have a “second thought”.

Another kind of a sky drive: start of a glider near Berlin, April 06

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