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Kairos – Magic of a Moment

How to describe the magic arising in a profound conversation? Last weekend I came into a room, where my wife was talking with a friend. The topic was about attitudes, about identifying with ideas and ideals and thus losing the contact with others. The background was a concrete situation which isn’t “bloggable”. The atmosphere was somehow enchanted, and quickly I was caught by the spell of the talk.

It was like the opening of a sphere, in which all three of us participated. Barriers of mental “bricks” were dissipating and there was a strong flow of energy between us. In this subtle ambience things could be expressed, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Somehow the ground was fecundated by mutual attention, respect and tenderness of attitude. When the time was over, we felt that something had changed within. The experience left a deep impression with all of us.

I remembered one of my philosophy teachers speaking about “kairos“, how the Greeks called such auspicious moments, a “time in between”. It is different from chronos, the flow of sequential time with its changing qualities. Kairos is like a door into the deep space within, a meeting place of an uplifted encounter.


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