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Snapshop of the World as seen by News Media

“100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time.” This is the title of the 10×10 (ten by ten) site designed and developed by Jonathan Harris. It gives a snapshop of our world as a picture postcard window. 100 different pictures are taken hourly in connection with the most used words in the top ten news of several international news sources, such as Reuters World News, BBC World Edition, New York Times International News. 10×10 just shows what the system finds, without any politics nor any secret agenda. It runs without human intervention.

10×10 says: “When we see a frequently repeated image, we know it’s important. When we see a picture of a movie star next to a picture of dead bodies, we understand the extremes that exist in our world. Scanning a grid of pictures can be more intuitive than reading headlines, for it lets the news come to life, and everything feels a bit less distant, a bit closer to heart, and maybe, if we’re lucky, gives us pause to think.”

The photos here below show the momentary “snapshop of the world”.

Another “picture that defines the time” you will get when you meditatively work with time cycles, observing the changing pattern of planetary constellations, pondering on the cosmos within. You find more about it in the Lunar Messenger on “Working with the Key of Time“.

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