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Danger of Ego Inflation

Yesterday I published the newsletter of the Circle of Good Will for the month of Scorpio, where the topic of the Lunar Messenger is Kundalini. I got several positive feedback mails from readers, among these a mai from a lady proposing a link exchange to her website, telling that since 9 years she has the kundalini fire awakened and thus extaordinary sidhis(supernatural powers) and healing abilities.

When hearing such claims, I always think, whow, and am happy that I’m standing with my two feet on the ground. In the 70ies I had been in a then famous meditation movement purporting awakening of sidhi powers such as flying, walking through walls, clear-audience … I left the movement in the early 80ies, after having realised that this has nothing to do with serious spirituality and leading you into inflating your ego. I experienced this ego-inflation as a danger holding you in illusions and keeping you away from the really important steps of spiritual development.

The lady wanted to publish stories about her experiences on the good-will website, which I politely declined. A link however has been posted in the German section of link exchanges, since she wanted to post one to us on her page…

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