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Impressions of a Meeting

Yesterday I was at the extraordinary assembly of the Swiss Red Cross associations for writing the minutes. It was a meeting for the kick-off of the new strategy cycle for the years till 2012. For me it was fascinating to see how in such a complex and heterogeneous organisation is managing diversity and trying to ingegrate most diverse interests. Though the basic values are the same for all the members – humanitarian commitment -, their focus is varying. And when you try to steer such a complex organism into a joint direction for future development, there are quite a lot of anxieties and incertitudes to be solved and taken into account.

I had a few interesting talks in the noon pause, one with a member of the central board, about the importance of getting young people integrated in order to keep the contact with the next generation. This handing-over to the next generation of the enthusiasm for the humanitarian cause and for voluntary work of good will is very important to keep the good work going on.

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