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Launching the Site Paracelsus Health and Healing, Redone

Yesterday early morning when I just stood up around 4.40 am, my youngest son (14) stood radiating in the hall and told me he had just finished programming the four language version of the website Paracelsus – Health and Healing. He had been working on it the last weeks, and since we are leaving today for some days holidays, he wanted to get it finished – and it was, after this night’s sprint. It was the first bigger project for my son, who had acquired quite a lot of web-skills over the last two years. Last night we did some final “polishing”, and now it is ready for launch. (You might read also the blogpost on Paracelsus’ Birthplace.)

It has been a long story getting the site ready, and several friends had helped with it. The Paracelsus magazine for which the site has been made gives interesting insights about new an old knowledge about medicine and healing art in the east and west. Look here if you like to see a sample issue of the magazine.

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