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Guerilla Marketing and Good Will

Do guerilla marketing and spiritualily fit together? I am fascinated by creative examples of this kind of marketing, that create great effects with unconventional ideas and a minimal budget. Of course, good will activities, inspired by the light of the soul, flourish best in silence without ego-marketing. The eternal wisdom, the light of the soul, does not reveal itself by running after things, but by silently applying it in daily life actions.
On the other hand water needs someone constructing the pipeline to your house, and for having access to inspiring wisdom teachings there needs to be an infrastructure to reach interested persons. Our Lunar Messenger newsletter or the good will postcards are instruments of a viral marketing, where people inform their friends of the existence of the good-will website and thus the wisdom teachings availabe there. Every month after sending out the newsletter new subscriptions are coming in, showing that these persons probably have been informed by their friends. But it is the persons themselves who need to show their interest.
Guerilla marketing would take one step further to create attention. One good example: The story of Mary Woodbridge, and elderly English lady of 85 years of age went through the media. She told on her uk-located website as well as in forums that she is planning a Mount Everest expedition together with her dog. She said she got the idea when she bought a certain outdoor jacket, and now she is training an searching sponsors to finance her expedition. On her website she published photos of her training, of expeditions, of letters to and negative answers from sponsors. This created much discussion in the media world-wide. It was only months later that a Swiss outdoor clothes manufacturer outed himself as originator of this hype, with placing a warning on the website of the lady, that their clothes can cause a loss of common sense, because they are so good…
This prize-winning activity uses surprise and discussion in the target-groups as a means of marketing their products. At the same time it was a warning of the many hobby-mountaineers, who each year are rescued in the Alps or in other mountains.
Using pretences and illusion are not the adapt means of promoting good will, but getting people involved in activities for the common welfare and in inner growth are objectives worth while using also uncommon approaches.

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