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“Dropping Knowledge” – Ask Yourself and Others

Dropping Knowledge” is a fascinating initiative which will officially start on September 9th, 2006, with a meeting of 112 of the world’s greatest minds at the world’s largest table in Berlin, Germany, as guests of “dropping knowledge”. On September 10th they will launch a freely accessible Copyleft knowledge portal and dialog forum with audio-visual content. There is a catalogue of 23 000 interconnected problem classes, and the public can ask questions and give answers, exchange viewpoints and ideas. All publications on the site are “copyleft”, i.e. free to use by the public, and everyone giving knowledge shares it with all.
They have already put many interesting questions on the site, well illustrated, where you can drop your questions or search answers: “Asking questions is fundamental to the practice of dropping knowledge. There is no better way to initiate a dialog than with a question, no better way to challenge conventional thining, discover new viewpoints and stimulate fresh ideas.” – A very inspiring initiative!

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  1. martin Says:


    This brief overview was very helpful. I will check out the initiative.


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