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Pluto no longer a Planet?

At the moment Astronomers are holding their 3 year’s international conference in Prague, where experts from 75 countries are discussing about a universal definition of what constitutes a planet and whether Pluto really belongs to this list. In 2005 a rocky object called 2003 UB313 was discovered which is far bigger than Pluto and which would be the 10th planet – or another number according to the definition.
Spiritual Astrology looks at planets as the visible vehicles of spiritual principles and says that there is a higher number of planets which are not all on the dense physical plane, but, like the human soul, might be for times exist on subtler planes of existence, coming down and going back in the cycle of creation. Whether the astronomers define Pluto a planet or not is arbitrary, the spiritual principle expressed through it is known much longer than since 1930, the year when Pluto was discovered. In the East it is called Yama, the Lord of Death or the principle of deepest transformation. This principle will hold true, even if Pluto is discarded from Astronomers’ list of planets.

P.S., 25th August 06: Pluto has just seen his status as a planet rejected, which is very typical of the qualities linked to him in spiritual astrology – hidden not perceivable powerful influences. He is degraded to be a minor planet, together with other candidats to this group. You see how powerful our mental conceptions or definitions are – they decide of the categories into which we classify things.

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