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Practicality and Purpose

Last Sunday early morning at a Cafeteria in Zurich Airport: We were sitting in a small round together with Dr. Kumar, my spiritual teacher, who just had arrived from Hyderabad – Mumbay. We were discussing some final organisational and juridical questions in preparation of next day’s general assembly of our organisation helt in Germany. Over the years I had had several occasions observing him how he is dealing organisational matters in a very practical manner, with a great clarity of purpose. He is administering a great number of social projects in India and giving spiritual guidance to people all over the globe. In this meeting again I observed several remarks said seeming casually which gave me a better understanding of the matter. He summarised his attitude saying: “I keep focussing on Spiritual Hierarchy, and from out of this focus I work with the groups and the people. The work for the groups is always not just from the groups, but from Spiritual Hierarchy, and this gives the approach.”
Next day at the assembly I could observe again his practicality in the moderation of the proceedings, to include the different perspectives of arguments. For me his approach is liek a role model in dealing with people and situations. I have learnt a lot by thus observing.

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