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Digitalized 3D Body Scans and Sculpturing

Already since several years you can see photos in virtual reality on the web, which give you the impression of looking around in 360 degrees.
Now you can get your body even scanned in a 3D way and get a counterpart of you, either in polymer gypsum, metal or marble. “3D Culture” has developed a high-tech 3D-scanner “Scanguru” which digitally seizes the surface relief of your head or your body. From this the laser-scan is processed to¬ a 3D data model, then a computer-controlled machine makes in many hours a gypsum-blank out of the 3D-model, from which at the end an artist might form a stone scupture in the classical way.
On the site you can even¬ get 3D-pdfs¬ where you can hover around in all directions.
Though there is still quite a way to beaming oneself from one place to the other, it is an¬ interesting¬ approach of combining hightech and art.

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