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Devas – Subtle Intelligences at Work

After a few hours at the computer – working for next month’s Lunar Messenger, on the Devas, the subtle intelligences, see the note about the booklet “Cooperation between the Human and Deva Kingdom” by. E. Krishnamacharya – we went for a short swim in a nearby river. The clouds were already dark, announcing an approaching thunderstorm, when my son and I jumped into the fast flowing waves – a wonderfull feeling. The air was full of leaves chased by the wind. Water is such a great purifyer, and swimming in fresh water gives you an increadibly feeling of energy.
When we came out, the first drops were already falling, and a few minutes later the full rain broke out. Many people took shelter at the buildings of the river bath. You virtually could feel the electricity of the subtle intelligences chasing in commotion through the sky. Lightnings flashing gave release to the tension, and the rain calmed it even more. An Australian neighbor invited us to bring us back home in his car. After a short sprint to the parking we were back into the dry.
Water, thunderstorm, freshness, energy, electricity in the air – we experience all these phenomena not as scientific processes, but as totalities of impressions. The totality hides the individual components, and hidden in the components described by science there are intelligences at work, which arrange the totalities of the different levels – thus you can experience the devas at work.

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