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Red Cross and Football: Humorous Rivalry in an AD-Campaign

Football tickles national emotions, more than any other sport, sometimes even up to violence. The Red Cross however is known for the neutrality of their help. With a wink the German Red Cross made a poster for an ad-campaign on the occasion of the Football World Championship. It shows a sanitary man in the Dutch fan corner of a football stadium helping a Dutch fan, with the slogan “Für jeden im Einsatz” (Serving everybody).
The Dutch Red Cross retorted this campaign with a poster of their own, showing two sanitary men carrying a German football player from the field, with the slogan: “Het Rode Kruis helpt echt iedereen” (the Red Cross is helping really everybody)…
For the German Red Cross the Football World Championship is a great challenge, with hundreds of people in service. If you are interested in the spiritual value of service, you might read this.

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