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Workplace Health Promotion and Spirituality

In yesterday’s issue of the Neue Z├╝richer Zeitung (New Zurich Newspaper) there was an article about a management forum on “Leadership and Health”, which targeted at sensitising´┐Ż executives to the consequences of the big social problem of work load and stress. The tenor was that it is not enough to do some jogging or relaxation exercises or to distribute fruits to the employees to promote health. This is just fighting the symptoms. A holistic approach includes developing an awareness of the unsatisfied needs of what is really good for the individual and the social system.
Many are suffering from not having a right to say, of missing possibilities of development and of fear of losing one’s job – much more than of the work load. Creating an awareness in the management is seen as a first step for health prevention. The 13th century theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas already said: “Health is less a state than an attitude and thrives with the zest for life.” You might also see in this context the booklet of Dr. Kumar on “Spirituality in Business and Management“.
For furthering the joie de vivre, the vitality, and at the same time staying balanced you have to be connected with the source of life force. Therefore a holistic approach to solving these problems of work life and helve absolutely needs to include the spiritual dimension.

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