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Countering Psychic Difficulties

From time to time in my life I had come into contact with persons with psychic difficulties. For over 10 years I had been working with refugees and migrants, partly as head of a psycho-social counseling centre, where I saw the effects of flight, torture or disturbed social and family relations. Also on my spiritual path there had been encounters with persons whose inner balance was disturbed for a time, and over 20 years ago a friend of mine had committed suicide out of a state of confusion, mixed with spiritual concepts. And there was a recent encounter with someone who, through an imbalance in life was irritating a group. It is not easy handling such situations, where an entire system is touched, and the gradations from normalcy to borderline and medical situations are often not obvious.
Two weeks ago I had a talk about such problems with my spiritual teacher, Dr. Kumar, whom I had observed how he dealt with it in a very attentive way. He explained that often medical people also don’t know how to handle such cases, where often fear and irritation in a person is causing agitation, and where psycho-pharmaca seem to be the only way to “slow down”.
Furthering inner and outer silence for calming down the emotional waves is helpful, also homeopathy can be of use, however it has to be adapted to the individual situation. Especially the use of silver, related spiritually with the emotional world, can have a stabilising effect. Dr. Kumar also recommended dietary aspects such as using milk and yogurt, since milk, in an untreated form, has subtle smoothing effects not yet medically recognised. A rhythmical living as well as a loving, understanding attention from the people in the surrounding might be of help, stigmatising is not.

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