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An Uplifting Seminar Experience

Over the weekend we had participated in a seminar of our spiritual teacher Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar in Amettla, some 60 km south of Tarragona. He deepened several topics about the spiritual significance of numbers into which he had delved during the seminar in Samos about the wisdom teachings of Pythagoras 2 weeks ago. It was again fascinating to see the relations between numbers, rhythms and time cycles. The numbers 1 – 9 are not just a linear numerical sequence, but contain the seeds of the structures of the subjective and objective creation – seeds of wisdom to ponder upon.
About 200 group members mainly from Spain had gathered for the seminar. The sunday morning fire ritual on the beach was a special highlight. Before the start a fiery object (it probably wasn’t a meteorit because of the kind of direction) flew for some seconds silently and in high speed in a horizontal line over the ocean before disappearing again. The sun coming slowly up over the horizon, the waves’ rhythmic movement and the flames of the fire, together with the mantric songs, created an unforgettable ambience, which uplifted all those witnessing it with an open heart and mind.

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