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“Mayabazar” – The Game of Illusions

Yesterday we went to Einsiedeln to meet there our spiritual teacher, Dr. Kumar,� and a few friends. In the afternoon we saw a 50 years old Indian film about a story from the the great epic Mahabharata. The film called “Mayabazar” was – of course – about a love story with dance sequences reminding of modern Bollywood productions. At the same time it contained deep wisdom.

The film was in Telugu, and our teacher explained the sequences in English. It was fascinating to see how the manipulative tendencies of the one party were checked by illusions created by the Divine (Krishna), without interfering directly into the course of events. It reminded me of how� we enmesh ourselves, when we use manipulative machinations. It is a persistent theme in life to get trapped by self-caused illusions – and mostly we think it is the others who are doing us wrong and causing problems. Only when we, like Krishna here in the film, stay in a position of an observer, we have a chance of getting out of the self-deceptions.

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