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Paracelsus’ Birthplace

Yesterday afternoon I went with a Bulgarian, Indian and Spanish friend to the birth house of Paracelsus, where our group has a little room for commemorating the life and work of the great initiate and¬ alchemist¬ Paracelsus. It is a beautiful place surrounded by hills and forest, near the old Devil’s Bridge. Paracelsus had had a deep impact on medicine and opened the way for a holistic medicine. Today many people still are inspired by his ideas.
Friends of us have started 3 years ago the Paracelsus Health and Healing magazine, where my wife is also helping with proof-reading part of the English translations.
The room in the Paracelsus centre is also used for full moon meditations, an ideal place to link-up with¬ with cosmic rhythms. We stayed there for a¬ while, had a short meditation and enjoyed the serene atmosphere.

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