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The Cage of Concepts

Since some years I am doing a free distribution of English books of Dr. Kumar and Dr. Krishnamacharya, in order to facilitate access to these wisdom teachings, which fascinate me very much. So I get into a contact with spiritual seekers from all over the world.
With some of these contacts I get the impression that the person is trying to intellectually approach the wisdom teachings. Of course wisdom can be approached via concepts, they help to get an understanding, but wisdom itself is a living experience and thus is beyond.
I myself tried over many years to get into deeper layers of wisdom by devouring books. It remained a mental ballast, which I started throwing over board some years ago (there are still quite a lot of containers left…).
I feel with some people how they get trapped into the cage of concepts. Concepts are a cage preventing experience. Wether you are in a golden or an iron cage, it remains a cage. It is absolutely necessary to overcome this trap of concepts and intellectuality – not by denying mind, but by letting it go. Aquarian meditation is going beyond concepts. With practice you learn to stay above concepts even when handling them. You feel free while being surrounded by them.
It seems these thoughts come because we are just in the month of Gemini, the mental sign. The airy Gemini energy is so lively with mental concepts, but new impulses rush in, even before the mind realises what has happened.

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