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Aquarian Airs

The 17 years old son of the friends here in Berlin is an enthusiastic glider flyer. If the weather allows, he will take us the next days on a flight at a little airport in the surroundings of Berlin. In this area here the first successfull flights with a glider have been done by Otto Lilienthal at the end of 19th century. His experiments inspired the Wright brothers for their first motorized jumps into the air.
Nowadays flying has become an everyday routine: Yesterday evening the mother of the young glider flyer came home. She is a Lufthansa stewardess and her full schedule had brought her the last two days to the north and south of Europe and back to Berlin.
The speed in the general change of localities has tremendously increased during the last decades, and also the speed of life. The winds of time are strongly blowing in the Aquarian airs. Also in my life the last years have increased the amount of travels, and much more the amount of far distant connections and cooperations over the continents. Distances are shrinking, while speed is increasing. You learn to keep stable while “flying” at high speed through quickly changing worlds of experience.
A look over the shoulders of my children into the worlds of their computer games opens up worlds of concretised imagination. We have to learn to steer well our little airplanes through the storm of impressions.

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