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Ayurvedic Experiments

Yesterday morning my wife and I had been visiting an ayurvedic doctor, together with a friend, who had told us about him. We had decided to go there without further ado. He was running a shop with Indian articles, but did not advertise himself at all as a specialist of Ayurveda, the old Indian science of health (ayur: life, veda: knowledge, wisdom). We waited in a back-room, while he was treating another person. We had stepped from out of Berlin into India: A big statue of Shiva was greeting us, and on the walls were pictures of other Indian gods.
The doctor, a young gentleman in the 30ies, modest, but alert, took my hand without saying much and felt my pulse for some minutes, then described correctly my health problems which I hadn’t mentioned him before. I had attended to them over a longer period with homoeopathy, then with bio-resonance, with certain, but not satisfying, results.
I know a bit about Ayurveda in theory – I had done the German translation of a book on Ayurveda by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya some 14 years ago, but never had met an ayurvedic doctor. On the basis of his diagnosis he gave some dietetic recommendations and said he could give some Ayurvedic medicines. He said it was quite difficult to get the ingredients, and some of the preparations take months of work in accordance with certain rhythms and constellations. He normally goes once a year to India to get them. He is from a family with an age-long tradition of ayurvedic doctors. He told us that here in the West there is much wellness-activities in the name of Ayurveda and that every few weeks he is asked if he would come and join some clinic projects, but he always declined. He prefers working in his silent way, and that he doesn’t want the knowledge to be lost when a big advertisement and business is run with it. It gave me the picture that here, hiding behind a mask of a shabby outside, in the back-rooms of a shop, there was a diamond of great worth. He explained me how we could continue the treatment after my return back to Switzerland and we agreed to meet him again before leaving.
The meeting had left in me a deep impression, ans so I have started making a health-experiment along ayurvedic lines.

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