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Easter Eggs

Yesterday on our way to Berlin, somewhere on a rest stop in the East of Germany, a man dressed in a pink costume of an Easter bunny was distributing eggs to the people on the parking, a funny situation. Did he know about the age-old underlying symbolism?
In the East the first sprouting of creation, after a periodical dissolution of all manifestation, is described as an egg-shaped form coming out of the ethereal waters of space, like a bubble in infinite space. And in the egg the creator as the seed of future creation awakens, and slowly creation begins. And all of us have started our journey in this physical body from an ovular state, after conception. Our head, being the first part manifesting in the womb, is also the representation of the cosmic egg, above resting on the neck like the egg on the stalk. In India I have been witnessing several times of a water ritual, where an egg-shaped lingam, representing the cosmic egg of first manifestation, is being ceremoniously washed with waters, representing the waters of space. It is a ceremony in honour of the first logos of divine will, the first spur of creation.
So the Easter eggs with their different layers are in more than one way a sublime sign of life, though hidden, not only within a shell or in the grasses of a meadow, but also in the depth below a superficial understanding.

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