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Earthbound Souls and A Visit to a Swiss-Japanese Friend

Last Sunday my wife and I were invited by Lilli, a Swiss-Japanese friend of my wife, for a lunch with some friends of her’s in her home in Horgen at the Lake of Zurich. Lilli, a lady in her 60s, and my wife are working together in Spirit Release. They cooperate in difficult cases and had also been together at a course on Spirit Release with David Furlong in London. I came to know Lilli during a visit at our home. For many years she had been working with Spirit Release in Japan.

On the highway to Zurich I didn’t feel well. While talking to my wife it came again to my mind that it had started 2-3 days ago, after my visit of the headquarters of anthroposophy in Dornach. There was an inner tension and subtle irritation which didn’t go away in spite of my trying to clear it in meditation. Thoughts returned to my involvement with Anthroposophy in the 80s. I wondered why this visit had released these streams of memories, thoughts and emotions.

Sunday morning during meditation I felt as if I had caught a spirit attachment (of some deceased soul). I tried to release it, without success. I felt a bit better after the fire ritual.

During the trip to Zurich I told Cyrille, my wife, about my feelings as per the visit in Dornach and that I didn’t feel well this morning. She replied that the visit must have triggered some unfinished business of mine in relation to my encounters with anthroposophy in the 80s and started asking questions. I then mentioned to her that I suppose having an attachment and she immediately felt it. She said that these are departed souls of anthroposophs and that she feels strong mental concepts preventing them from ascending from the lower spheres. Images flashed through my mind. She proposed to do a spirit release and so we stopped shortly before arriving at Lilli’s home. She addressed the spirits, explained them their situation and proposed to turn to the light. But they refused, having fear to go away. It was like a fight going on around my head and I felt fatigued. My wife then suggested to ask Lilli for help.

We rang at her apartment and Lilli came to the door; from the background there were party noises – about a dozen persons – Japanese ladies with their Swiss or German husbands and five children. Cyrille said to Lilli: “We have brought you a present – some spirit attachments stuck with Ludger.” Lilli replied, “Oh, what a nice present. Let’s immediately have a look at it.” We laughed.

We went to her office room. Lilli asked Sumi, a young Japanese lady to come with us: “She is also clairvoyant and helps me in my work.”

She took my hands and Sumi touched my left arm. Cyrille assisted energetically. They clearly felt the spirits and Lilli said, “They are quite a lot, and yes, they are intensely stuck in their mental concepts about the subtle world.”

Lilli addressed the earthbounds and explained that she helps them to go to the light. I felt an irritated spider web surrounding me. It was being lifted up from me and flew out through my hands to her’s. The spirits disappeared into the Light. Within 1-2 minutes I felt free and released – and happy.

Lilli and Sumi explained that the spirits had hooked at the back of my spine below the neck, a favourite entrance point. When leaving my aura, many other departed souls with a similar mindset linked to them had taken the chance of joining their friends on their way to the Light.

We then joined the ongoing party. I first had a talk with Sumi who told me how she was in India, finding healing with an Ayurvedic cure, meeting Amma and coming to know there her future husband. Then another Japanese lady addressed me about my paintings. I never was in any Japanese environment before, eating home-made Green tea ice-cream plus sweet Azuki beans and the like… In the apartment there were beautiful Japanese artworks and furniture besides a variety of Buddhas, rock crystals and other stones. I viewed a painting of Mount Fujiyama – in my student time I had various photos and artworks of it in my room.

I especially enjoyed the 5 German/Swiss-Japanese children between maybe 4 and 10. Lilli explained that all of them were in a way clairvoyant and partly their mothers, too. It was very interesting how the children grow up between Japanese and Swiss culture, and all were quite fluent in English as well…

Lilli did some playful trainings with them. She had a deck of cards about precious stones and crystals and their devas. She showed one card to the children, shuffled the cards and put them with the back on the table. Then she asked the children to find the card which she had asked them to connect to. Two of the children were quite good. One boy ended up by always discovering the right card. Afterwards Lilli let the children sense the qualities of different kinds of crystals. We adults also tried to find a card from the set on the table. With no result – it was the second-last card we turned…

After a short walk along the lake we went back home. There were definitely no more earthbounds around.

Laughing Buddha in our bedroom, a present of a friend


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  1. Lilli Makinson Says:

    It was a fun day and I am so glad you were able to enjoy yourselves after that part was taken care ofl. Cyrill and I with Sookmi , Chie and many others are working togther with promoting Spirit Release and Rescue in Switzerland. My pleasure to be of help to you and hope we will do many fun things together. Much love to you both!

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